CyberChimps makes great WordPress themes. I have used many of their themes for my customers and have always been happy with how they work. And for those of you readers who aren’t as experienced as me in WordPress, when you buy a theme from them they offer a support forum that they check constantly to help their clients.

Today I will be reviewing CyberChimps’ Business Pro theme. Business Pro is one of CyberChimps oldest and most popular themes. Although it is one of their older themes they have updated it several times, making it look as up-to-date as any other new theme on the market.

Here are pictures of their latest update from Business Pro 2.0 to Business Pro 3.0:




The theme’s title states which type of client they are targeting: businesses. The theme is oriented toward professional businesses that need a classy and stylish look for their website. Business Pro is great for businesses trying to wow their own clients. It has a great slider on the home page for pictures of a product and an area to the side of it for a description (look above for reference). I would recommend this theme for most businesses but wouldn’t recommend it for too many blogs. It is a more serious and professional looking theme and wouldn’t be the best option for most blogs.

The most groundbreaking feature of Business Pro is its drag and drop elements. Business Pro includes a variety of Drag and Drop Page Elements making managing content easy on every page.

This theme is very mobile friendly as well. The theme automatically adjusts to any ios or android device and looks great. The Mobile version of the template makes users believe and see you are serious about your business and are very professional.

Business Pro is also ready equipped with social media buttons. Easily add links to your social media outlets and let your users connect with you through countless platforms.

There are countless other great features which are listed below. There are many themes with a lot of features but CyberChimps have made sure to include very detailed documentation and to always update it when the theme is updated.

Another great feature of buying a theme from CyberChimps is that when you buy a theme from them all future versions and update of that theme are free to you. This helps make sure your website is always up to date with the Internet’s new standards.

Check out the demo here
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