As most of you know I am the author on Start Up Champ that writes the WordPress Theme reviews. Well today I am launching a new series, the WordPress Plugin Series, to give you guys even more helpful information about WordPress.

The first plugin I want to share with you is the newly released Meme Generator WordPress Plugin by Unlimit WordPress. I have personally tested it and it’s fantastic.

Target Audience

This plugin is truly great for any humor related website. It adds a new dimension to websites which most websites don’t have. It lets the user have an interactive session with your website. Users love having the ability to try new tools and create memes on websites. If you are looking to build a community of people who use your website this is the plugin for you. Users will also love using it because of the great feature it has that lets them submit their meme to the meme generator website. If approved by the site admin or owner it will be displayed on the website. Many users will share your website on social media sites to show their friends the funny memes they have created.




Key Features
The Meme Generator WordPress Plugin displays a column of pictures on the left and ride side of the generator. On the left side of the generator are the “main pictures”. The main pictures are set by the admin from inside WordPress when logged in. The pictures on the right side of the generator are categorized as “random pictures”. Those pictures show different pictures every time the page is refreshed and come from all of the pictures that the admin has allowed to show there.

If those pictures aren’t enough for your users then they can upload their own photos and use those!

Once users are done making their meme they can click submit and are presented with three options. They may download their meme to their computer. They can also submit the meme to the website and wait for the approval of the site owner. If approved from the admin side, the meme will be displayed on a page in the website. The third option is to create more memes!



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