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Whether you’re an assistant engineer or a project manager, whether you’re a normal employee or the CEO of the company, you need to market yourself. What do we mean by that? Why is marketing important to a person who doesn’t deal with the field ever in his profession?

Marketing is one thing that is omnipresent in a business atmosphere. You don’t need to be the part of marketing team for doing this task. In fact, you are doing it even now. Each employee of the company does marketing – good or bad, that’s the real question.

When an employee is asked to submit a report, does he stick to the deadline? When the advertising team is asked to launch the ad, do they manage to generate trust of the audience? When the CEO has called a meeting with his employees, does he show up prepared with the agenda? All of this counts to marketing and has a huge impact on you and your business.

The employee who just missed the deadline by a few hours gives an impression of a person who cannot be trusted, one who is not professional enough. The advertising team that failed to generate trust of the audience has failed even if it managed to get a number of leads. The CEO who doesn’t prepare the agenda of discussion with his employees gives the impression of a person who doesn’t care about the direction in which his business is going.

Everything you do in your workplace makes an impression. Even if you work from home or are a freelancer, the timings of your replies to the e-mails make an impression. And these impressions are marketing. But when you fail to do meet the deadline, when you fail to be on time, your marketing goes bad. And guess what! You didn’t even realize that. Did you?

It is important to care for what kind of brand you portray much before than you think of the brand you work for or are trying to create. Personal branding is much more important than the entire concept of branding your business. If the people don’t find trust in the person who is working for the brand, they’re never going to trust the business. Never ever.

Therefore you must be very careful while you’re marketing yourself. You need to market yourself the right way. Make sure you think before you act, you’re on time, you follow the work ethic, you believe in adaptive leadership, you’re proactive with your work and above all, you work constantly and consistently to build your personal brand.

Once your need to market yourself gets into your head, it is going to be easier to create a positive brand out of yourself and once that happens, your work performance would increase manifolds. You would be able to achieve more results at your workplace. People would respect you, listen to you and trust you. Isn’t that what a good employee/leader/CEO require?


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