Why Utah is the best state for business?
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Utah has been named as the best state for business for three consecutive years by Forbes. There has to be something about this state that makes it the best for start-ups. Today, we’re going to list down some reasons why Utah is best state for business.

Why Utah is the best state for business?
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  1. First reason is definitely the corporate tax in the state which is lowest in United States. This makes the state an attractive long term choice for setting up a business.
  2. The workforce at Utah is young and vibrant which makes it easy to find talented people for hiring to build your dream.
  3. Energy costs are 29% below average than the entire country.
  4. It enjoys the title of safest state in the country and is itself an attraction for many because of ski high resorts and urban attractions.
  5. The community leaders of the state work effortlessly to reduce the problems that might occur in running a business in the state.
  6. Efforts for economic growth in all sectors – from education to corporate are done in a dedicated manner which often results in sweet fruit.
  7. The USTAR (Utah Science, Technology and Research Initiative) at University of Utah is dedicated to turn researches at the universities into commercial businesses and is backed by huge funding.
  8. The state and the Governor’s office along with Weber State university are offering entrepreneurship courses, affordable working space and mentorship.
  9. Clearly, there are several factors which attract skilful workforce to the state.
  10. Then there is state government that is leaving no stone unturned to help entrepreneurs to turn into business giants.

With such efforts being made, the state is bound to flourish and is therefore one of the best state for business.


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