Why people fail being an exception?
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It is much easier to build something from scratch than taking over from someone who has already established a really good thing. Well, this wasn’t a beginning I planned for my first article on StartupChamp but that’s how I really feel.

I was told to write a post so as to formally introduce me as the new caretaker of this very well established blog which tries to help budding entrepreneurs and business men in learning some valuable lessons but then how was it going to be valuable for any of you? What would you have got by reading that there is some new person handling this platform? What any of us care for is content – content that could help us be better than what we were yesterday.

So, instead of writing a formal introduction post, I thought of starting writing articles related to the subjects that are being already discussed on StartupChamp or the new ones that have been planned.  But whoa! That was a hell lot of a task. Since five days, I have been going through the previous articles published on StartupChamp and I could still not find what to begin with.

Why people fail being an exception?
Source: pixabay.com

Then the ‘eureka’ moment happened. I was reading about ‘Why people fail being an exception’ and a large part of the post focused on the biggest influencer that makes you fail as an exception and that influencer is YOU.

Yes, while we don’t hesitate a bit to accuse a bunch of people who try to undermine us in our entrepreneurial pursuit, we often ignore the biggest problem. The biggest problem lies within us. What makes us stop leaving our job? What makes us take the first step to start our own business? What makes us stop from dreaming of unrealistic goals? It is WE – our own self.

If only, we had managed a little more courage to write that resignation letter; if only, we had managed a little more effort to make ends meet while doing what we love; if only, we had let ourselves loose enough to dream big – we all would have been entrepreneurs; Successful Entrepreneurs.

Alas! Such people are few. But we need to make the number grow. We all need to let ourselves be the exception and I intend to play my part in serving for that purpose.

Who am I? I am Manpreet – a blogger & writer who has worked in a number of fields ranging from freelance content writing to social media management for various brands. Now, my time is dedicated to StartupChamp. I intend to make it useful and valuable to you. I hope I live up to your expectations.


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