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Even though many entrepreneurs fear starting up a new business in an uncertain economy, certain types of businesses are ripe for growth in the coming years. While green energy and organic food are two noticeable trends where economic growth is booming, here are are five business startup ideas that make sense in 2015 and for the future.

  1. Digital Marketplace

One of the most exciting growth industries is the digital download marketplace, which includes software, video, video games, ebooks, music, photography and other items that can be downloaded as electronic files. These days kids are learning how to design apps for mobile devices. It only takes about a six to nine month learning curve to figure out how to build apps, which actually can be done without knowing code on some platforms. Some apps – especially video games – have generated millions of dollars, leading to a very competitive market. Writers of ebooks who share their expertise can now make a decent living without much investment or barriers to entry.

Keep in mind that videos are also gaining in popularity, allowing you to offer online video courses to digital subscribers. YouTube has shown that demonstration and how-to videos can be effective tools that substantially speed up learning time. In this sense, it’s likely that educators will increasingly embrace video. Ultimately, offering video courses can help people accelerate their careers. The investment in video equipment can cost thousands of dollars, but you can also rent equipment or hire other professionals to do the production work. Many big and small corporations are turning to video production as a way to offer a more personal touch to marketing.

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  1. Employment Services

As long as there are job seekers, there will always be a strong demand for employment services. Some of the highest paid employment services offer business to business consulting that includes a talent search for executive positions. In order to compete on this level, you will need to develop a database that integrates with other systems, which generate lists of candidates and employers.

A smaller scale operation might be employment services built on referrals and relationships with business owners. An employment service can typically command high commissions for placing individuals in prominent positions. Starting this type of business requires extensive background in Business Administration and Human Resources.

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  1. Organic Food

Organic food is one of the fastest expanding industries in America as consumers grow more concerned about making healthier lifestyle choices. A decade ago the industry did not get much media coverage, but today it’s a booming multi-billion dollar industry that is getting a lot of buzz in financial publications. Even the mainstream media have been increasing its coverage of the organic food revolution.

Starting an organic farm will require USDA certification. Easier ways to enter the organic food industry include opening an organic store or simply creating an online publication about the benefits of organic food that is sponsored by organic businesses. The medical marijuana business is also one of the fastest growing industries in America with a strong economic outlook, as an increasing number of states are legalizing the plant, which can be sold as edibles.

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  1. Green Energy

Another rapidly growing industry in America is green energy. Specifically, rooftop solar is in high demand in several major cities where sunlight is abundant. Starting a marketing company that works with existing solar providers to sign up people to attend solar panel demonstrations can be a low cost, high return business. Essentially, you can get paid by solar companies to refer customers.

The hottest solar markets are on the West Coast, but there also solar programs on the East Coast that attract homeowners and commercial facility owners. It’s a thriving  business because solar energy has become more fuel efficient, cost efficient and eco-friendly than fossil fuels. One of the key advantages to starting a green energy company is that it can get media coverage from involvement in community events.

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  1. Car Wash

A car wash depends on location, but if your business can be seen by thousands of people per day, then it could be a very lucrative business. Even though people are driving less to save money on fuel, they are paying attention more to the image they present to friends and co-workers. People will always need last minute car washes on their way to destinations where they want to impress others, especially personal friends.

In order to enter the car wash business you will need to research local building codes to find out how many cars are allowed per bay where cars wait to be washed. You will need area for drying and vacuuming that is not in the way of traffic. If your business is placed in a heavily populated area, it’s possible to earn $1,000 per bay each day.

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All these startup ideas promise success and good growth if done right. Good luck 🙂


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