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With all the significance attached to social media platforms, it has become very important for individuals to maintain a good social media persona. If you look at the social media accounts of celebrities, you’ll find how beautifully they’ve maintained the same.

Although social media appears as a “Happy ride” for people of all age groups, using it in a wrong way can adversely affect your online reputation.

In this blog, I’ll walk you through 10 such social media blunders that’ll force you to re-think about getting involved with the entire concept of creating and managing social media accounts. So, let us take a closer look at these 10 common social media blunders.


Social Media Blunder No.1-Getting into unnecessary arguments with your audience

It’s never appreciated to enter into an argument with your customers. Moreover, doing it on a public platform is even worse. If your customers have disputes with your products/services, communicate with them politely, gaining their trust to the fullest.

Social Media Blunder No.2-Posting insensitive remarks

There are people who ignore the current social scenarios and go ahead with posting comments that tend to harm the sentiments of a specific population. This is something that needs to be taken into account and avoided as a whole.

Social Media Blunder No.3-Not fulfilling your promises

In the past, there have been companies which in the wake of gaining instant popularity have created social media pages and promised offering a freebie on attaining a specific count of fans/followers.

Even after attaining the desired count of fans/followers, these companies never fulfill their promise, keeping their fans disappointed and even getting their social media page(s) deleted from the web.

Social Media Blunder No.4-Considering yourself as the controller of social media


There are some social media freaks who consider themselves to be the controllers of social media. Well, it is good to have a greater control over the social media elements but overdoing it can effect your efforts in a negative manner and is definitely one of the biggest social media blunders.

Social Media Blunder No.5-Allowing employees to act like a fool

There have been many business organizations which run social media accounts, providing access to their employees as well. At times, these employees post comments that make them look like a fool. This proves disastrous for the online reputation of the respective business firm, making it lose potential customers.

Social Media Blunder No.6-Leaving the profile page un-attended for days

Ignoring the frequent updation of your social media profile is yet another blunder that’s been committed by a huge majority of social media users. People don’t care about logging in to their company’s social media page on a regular basis. This leads to a visible reduction in the online visibility of the company.

Social Media Blunder No.7-Not checking the scheduled tweets

Well, this is a mistake committed by a majority of first-time social media users. Business owners often neglect the importance of checking tweets posted on their company’s social media page. If you look at the statistics, you’ll find that a majority of business organizations have suffered huge financial loses due to ignorance in checking the scheduled tweets.


Social Media Blunder No.8- Discussing politics in between the posts

This is a major social media blunders that has got many entrepreneurs into trouble. There are social media account holders who include politics in their blog posts content. Doing this is a major flaw and must be avoided.

Social Media Blunder No.9-Misleading people

People never want to feel duped after visiting a specific social media page. Hence, it is recommended not to publish posts that seem to be misleading. Posting correct and related content is the key to gathering maximum traffic for your social profile page.

Social Media Blunder No.10-Mixing business and pleasure

A lot of social media managers have committed the mistake of tweeting from a business account when they were supposed to do it from their personal account.

Wrapping Up

Social media has its own pros and cons. As an alert social media manager, it is utmost essential for you to make a note of all the aforementioned points and stay away from them. I’m sure doing this will help you maintain a flawless social media page that is highly noticeable and engaging.

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