What is B2B?

A service business is a business which sells services directly to other businesses. Marketing a service business can be more difficult than marketing a business selling products, because they are trying to sell an idea rather than a product.

Many service businesses are searching for the perfect marketing model, and we think we might have found it. Below is the Expert Marketing Model, simply based on four necessary points that should improve the success of your business.

The Expert Marketing Model

The Expert Marketing Model’s four necessary points are:

  • To be Found
  • To be Seen
  • To be Heard
  • To be Quoted


Any service business can use this expert model. Service businesses need to showcase their ideas and vision and the best way to do this is to create awareness which is what this model strives to achieve. The bullet points below reveal why each point is valuable to the marketing of your service business.


You Need To Be Found

There are probably hundreds, even thousands of businesses providing the same service as you so it is vital that your business can be found among the flurry of competitors. What makes businesses step out from the rest is reputation. If you can be seen as an expert for the provision of the service you are in, potential customers will be far more inclined to contact you. A good way of sharing your expertise with the world is to write. Create a blog and fill it with interesting and useful content that your target audience will want to know.  As with all marketing, strategies are only successful if they are consistent. Ideally you should upload a post daily as you will be found far more frequently by far more potential clients. Posts should be filled with fresh content, ideally between 300-500 words. Even if you don’t use any other marketing tool, within a few months this tip alone should improve the success of your business.

Once you have potential clients attracted to your business, it is up to you to turn those prospects into actual clients.

You Need To Be Seen As An Expert

In addition to articles on your website, you also need to publish free guides, paid for guides and white papers; items that your prospects can download (in exchange for their email address) that show the depth of your expertise in your subject matter. You want your clients to be convinced that you really do know what you are talking about so that you become the only person they ask to help them.

You Need To Be Heard

Networking really boosts your presence. Local seminars and conferences will promote your services in your local area; however webinars or teleseminars will get your vision and ideas heard on a much wider scale.

Speaking out about your vision and presenting your knowledge is a very powerful medium as it allows for another level of connection with your prospects. Good presentations are those which are told with passion and enthusiasm. Static presentations which involve a slideshow, and a presenter merely reading out what is on the screen will not inspire an audience. Use your most resourceful equipment – your knowledge. This is what will really capture your prospects.

You Need To be Quoted

Finally, an expert needs to be quoted. If you have the time and commitment, publishing a book on your topic is the icing on the cake. However, if you follow steps 1-3 you will see a great improvement over time. Don’t expect immediate results, marketing strategies often take months to really take off. Be consistent and the results will follow.

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