depression and entrepreneurship

Depression and entrepreneurship – aren’t these two things totally unrelated?  Who talks about depression while talking about this awesome profession? An entrepreneur is a person at whom all the school going kids look upon. They consider them their role models but what would they think when they would know that their role model is battling depression?

Depression is real and serious. And it is good that people have started talking about it openly. Entrepreneurship is a road that would certainly make you stop at the stand of depression. Those overwhelming tasks that need to be done, big debts that need to be paid off and that little chance of your success – aren’t they enough to send your mind into the depths of depression?

Hey, I am not talking of some hypothetical topic. It is happening all around us. Bradley Smith, an entrepreneur and CEO of a company that did sales of more than $32 million in one year was close to total mental breakdown a few years back. Ben Huh, CEO of Cheezeburger Network, wrote this daring blog post When Death Feels Like A Good Option which further backed the fact that it is all real. Maybe all are not talking about it, maybe all are just lucky to be immune to this but most of the entrepreneurs are juggling between depression and entrepreneurship.

What’s the solution?

If you’re an entrepreneur and you have started seeing the signs – extreme stress, low confidence, insomnia – you need help. You need to find a solution. You need a control on your body and mind.

First of all, let yourself sleep. Ask your mind to shut down. Yes, tell yourself not to think of anything about your life while you’re lying on your bed. Get into some recreational activity. No matter how busy you’re, give time to your hobbies. Adopt healthy habits.

There are small changes in your lifestyle that can help you win this battle. You need to make sure that you’re living a healthy lifestyle first and then working on your dream. In case, you are already accustomed to depression, you need medical help. Don’t worry! Depressed people aren’t crazy. They just have an illness just like a common cold virus  or a bacterial infection. It can be treated with medical supervision.

Steps To Follow

If you’re suffering from depression, chances are your entrepreneurial pursuits won’t see the light of success. You need to  treat your mind first. Here’s where you can begin with:

  1. Do some meditation
  2. Have sound sleep
  3. Give yourself rest
  4. De-stress yourself.
  5. Work on your hobby
  6. Seek medical assistance

Don’t take it lightly. It can be really dangerous. Depression and entrepreneurship are like best friends but in the end, you would need to break your friendship in order to achieve what you love or want. Do it!


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