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Don’t tell me that the only reason why you opened this article is because you think there are some “success secrets” that can help you get “successful”. You did that. Right?

You believe there is some magical formula that would transform your life and make you a billionaire in a couple of days. You believe that if someone just tells you what to do to become a billionaire, you can become one.

This is all wrong. If one could become a billionaire just by getting tips from someone, there would be thousands of new billionaires rising up each day. If there was really a magical formula to success, people would be killing each other right now to discover it. They would definitely not be reading a blog.

What’s the meaning of success?

Success is a term that is often ill defined. No one knows what success really means. No one can actually define it. Why is it so?

success depends on you

Because success depends upon how you think. I remember how I was attending a guest seminar by the HR head of one of the largest consulting firms in the world and how he asked us a simple question: “Do you think I am successful?”.

The audience of 1000 answered in a loud yes but he said we were wrong. He wasn’t successful. Because he didn’t consider getting a very high paying job with a very big status as success. For him, success was working on his passion which he couldn’t do because he had to take care of his family and work on the job.

That’s the thing about success. It is different with each person. What I call being successful might not be so for you. So, if there really were some success secrets, first one would to be to define success in your own terms.

How can you start walking on the path of success?

To achieve something, you have to run behind it. No one is going to serve it to you in a decorated platter. No one is going to bring you success. It is your business and you’re solely responsible for it.

So, how can you try to walk on the path of success? How can you try to get successful? Surround yourself with high class ambitious people and the people you like.

surround yourself with right people
surround yourself with people who inspire you!

The people around you make a deep impact on how you think, how you react to certain things and also how you define and chase success.

When you surround yourself with people who accept mediocrity as fate, you just accept living a mediocre life that would leave you extremely unhappy.

Build a network with passionate individuals who would go to any length to work on their passion. Find people who are above backbiting and back stabbing and who believe in rising above the petty worldly issues. Find hardworking high class people. And don’t forget to be with the people you like.

How does this bring you success? It affects how you pursue your goals and how you maintain yourself. When you will be careful about the goals you have, attentive about the ticking clock and adamant about your motive, you would unveil the real success secrets.


One more important thing you should do to discover success secrets is choose a right partner. Maybe you think you’re too young for thinking of this thing but that doesn’t decrease its importance.

Being with wrong kind of person even if it is just a fling can affect your progress on your goal. A person right for you would hold the power to pull you out from darkness, inspire you when you feel demotivated, push you when you get lazy and show you what you really are. That is important.

You need someone who believes in you and your dreams and who would stand by you while you fight with the world to get what you want. Even if you think you don’t, you do.

couple that supports each other
Never settle for someone who is less than perfect for you!

Keep looking for such a person for while doing this, you would be looking for success secrets which you really want to know.

There is no such thing like success secrets that can be shared. The only success secrets are the ones you will discover by yourself. You have to discover them by yourself. I told you the way. Rest is in your hands.


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