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When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) the majority of new websites make a lot of mistakes. SEO involves a myriad of factors and there are hundreds of ways to do things the wrong way. With that in mind we take a look at how SEO for startups works and how to use SEO for startups correctly.

First things First – What is SEO?

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SEO is the process of improving your search engine ranking positions (SERP’s). It is using marketing techniques to create an online presence which appeals to potential customers and to search engines.
Search engines use algorithms that analyse hundreds of ranking factors to determine where your website appears in search results for key terms.
Traditionally SEO simply involved building hundreds of backlinks to your website but the landscape has now changed. We now need quality above all else!

So where should start ups begin?

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Content is the bedrock of all new SEO campaigns. In order to be successful in the search engines your website content needs to do two things:
1.    It needs to clearly identify your website
2.    It needs to convert website visitors into customers
For SEO purposes number one is the most important. You need to identify the keywords that are most relevant to your business and make sure that they feature prominently in your website copy. This helps search engines recognise what your business does and how to interpret it correctly.

But there’s more to content

One of the mistakes start-ups often make is that they start chasing links as soon as possible. What we see now is that your on-site content is more important at the early stage growth of a business.

Start a Blog blogging

Starting a blog that you post regularly to (a minimum of three times a week) helps your SEO and marketing extensively. Firstly it adds more relevant content to your website that search engines will recognise as being associated to what your business does (increasing your rankings).
Secondly, it allows you to rank for long tail search terms (terms with small numbers of searches a month that you don’t rank your homepage for). Thirdly, it shows your potential customers and visitors that you are a thought leader in your industry – building trust in your products and services.

Build Landing Pages 

Landing pages are not the same as sales pages. They are pages on your website designed to build trust in your products or build a relationship with customers.

They may be extensive guides related to an aspect of your business area or helpful resources that compliment your products. They are pages designed to provide VALUE to visitors. They are also fantastic ways to rank your website for keywords.

In your first few months after launching your website content should form the focus of your SEO for startups. Once this is achieved you can start focusing on your actual off-site SEO more.

Off-Site SEO

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Off-site SEO involves building strategic partnerships with other websites willing to promote your content and your website. Link acquisition forms part of this strategy but there are other marketing opportunities to look for.
Press coverage and blog coverage help market your company effectively online. Look for well-respected sites with large audiences and create exceptional quality content to appeal to them.
Outreach usually involves sending lots of emails and making lots of calls to people in your market. The more coverage we can get the better – and the more relevant links we can acquire to our own website.Mistakes to avoid while doing SEO for startups
There are two things all online start-ups need to avoid when it comes to starting SEO.  fix broken links to improve search engine ranking
  • Go too fast 
Slow is better. If you’re new website suddenly gets a thousand links in a week it is going to look unnatural for search engines – you are likely to get your rankings penalised. Work slowly and steadily building the site and the links back to it to produce better results.
  • Cheap SEO Services
Good quality SEO is labour and time intensive. There are thousands of “SEO Companies” offering £50-300/month services. These will look great on paper but will do nothing for your search engines.
Offers of dozens of links, social shares and press releases are going to use low quality outlets and appalling English! Avoid completely if you want your start up to succeed.
This is a guest post by Alex Mungo.
Alex Mungo is an SEO consultant specialising in helping new and growing businesses achieve the online results they need. He provides cost effective, performance driven SEO services to companies looking to increase their web presence. Visit him at  GoMungoSEO


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