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The hospitality business has never been stronger. With many more people eating and drinking out than ever before, your can make a great deal of money in the sector. If you have experience in the industry, you are sure to do well when you open a business. Making a cafe popular is difficult, but once you have a following, you will find that you make huge profits in the area.

If you are a coffee lover, you know more than anyone else how hard it is to get a great cup of coffee. You can buy a cup of coffee on almost every street, but finding a cafe that serves intense drinks is like finding a needle in a haystack. You already have an advantage over your competitors as you know what people want in a cafe. All you have to do now is give it to them. Before you start, you will need a little advice. Here is everything you need to know about starting your business.

Training and qualifications

If, until now, you have worked as an employee in cafes and restaurants, you will need some extra training. You will need to develop your managerial skills before you opt to open your cafe. There is a huge difference in work style between a manager and an employee. Make sure that you perfect your managerial technique before you do anything at all. Look into evening classes in your neighborhood and see if there are any management courses. You will need to know how to deal with employees and how to train them before you start your business.

Finding the right premises

Finding the right premises for your cafe is integral to your business. You need to make sure that you find a place that many people will pass every day. You can serve the best coffee in the world, but if people have to go out of their way to find you, you will have few customers. Try and get a premises on the high street or near the city center. Doing so will cost you a great deal of money as often you pay for the location. As with any business, you need to speculate to accumulate. That means that you need to spend a little money on the location of your cafe if you hope to make reasonable profits in the long run.

Decor and atmosphere

When you have splashed out on an expensive property, you can save money on the decor of your cafe. Now is the best time to start a cafe as urban chic is all the rage. That means you don’t have to do much to the decor of your cafe to make it look cool. If the walls are bare, leave them that way. If you have exposed pipes, so long as they are safe, leave them as they are. There is a huge trend of bare and minimal decor in cafes at the moment. Invest a little money in a range of second-hand furniture. Doing so will give the cafe a cool and unique vibe. That vibe will do wonders for the cafe and will attract plenty of young people.

Hiring staff and baristas

Your staff members are your business. You should take extra care when hiring staff for your cafe. You want people who will go the extra mile for the customer. It’s not just about providing good customer service these days. To keep customers happy, you need to make sure that they feel as though they are part of the cafe. When you have found the right staff, it’s time to train them. Get a professional company to provide you and your staff with barista training. There is no way that you can serve great coffee without this training. You need to learn all there is to know about making an incredible cup of coffee. Once you have opened your cafe, it is worth booking some refresher sessions for you and your staff so that every cup you serve is perfect.

Equipment and coffee machines

Your coffee machine and till equipment should be of the highest quality. You can’t make a nice cup of coffee on an old machine. Make your coffee machines, your main investment and buy quality products. You will need to invest in two or three machines for your coffee shop. At busy times, you may have up to four members of staff on the till. That means they will need enough coffee machines to work with on shift. Buying a high-tech till will mean that the queue moves faster in your cafe. One thing that tends to slow service down in a cafe is a slow till. Many companies, such as Epos Now, provide you with a full till service. They will train you in using the till and provide you with the proper maintenance. You should make sure that you invest in the latest technology now so that you save money later.

Creating a unique menu

If you plan to serve food in your cafe, you need to keep things simple. Many cafes serve sandwiches and flatbreads. You should consider serving these in your cafe. To make your menu unique, though, make sure that you source the best ingredients. Make it part of your company ethos to use only local ingredients in your food. That will mean that you are giving back to the local economy. You can advertise the fact that your food is local to your customers. The fact that you are a conscientious company will win you many customers.

Sourcing your coffee beans

Of course, you can buy your coffee beans from a wholesaler just like every other coffee shop, but why not take things a step further? Source high-quality coffee beans from ethical companies. Try and get fair trade products when possible. Doing so will mean you get high-quality products for your cafe. Take the time to learn about beans from different regions and the flavors they offer. You can offer customers a choice of bean when they order their drink. That choice will set you apart from other cafes and mean customers will always come back for more.



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