WHAT IS PARCELMONKEY.COM? is a premier discount parcel delivery service that ships from the U.S. to over 255 worldwide destinations. Originally founded in the U.K., British customers found great savings when shipping packages, both domestically and internationally. Now available in the U.S., you can use its simple and low cost service to ship to your customers, while increasing your bottom line.


With any business, driving the bottom line through profitable revenue and controlling costs are the most important goals. The prices for most parcel delivery services don’t leave much to be desired and may give reason to pause when contemplating an international market. With’s savings on shipping, you can increase your revenue, without losing out on shipping costs.

The bottom line here: You can save anywhere from 10% to 50% on shipments to countries worldwide! That’s not all. Check out the savings for a two-pound package being sent from Miami to California using next-day service: Next Day Domestic from Miami to California (a two pound package) Parcel Monkey UPS $19.47 $69.65 That’s a 72% saving!


How can Parcel Monkey save so much money when a business is shipping a product to a customer overseas? There are just four easy steps to understand how it works:

1. Get an online quote from to find the best price for your package to be shipped.

2. No need to reveal your debit card or credit card number — accepts PayPal for payment. Quick and easy.

3. works behind the scenes to get you the shipping method that will get your package to its destination at the most inexpensive rate. They can do this with their buying power and unique shipping solutions, as well as their years of expertise in the shipping industry.

4. At no cost to you, collects the package from your home or place of work. All items are fully tracked, so you can provide your customers with the tracking ID, while they wait for their package to arrive.

As an online retailer, the idea of opening your business or fully committing to other markets might seem daunting, but Parcel Monkey made it easy – no need to stand in line at the post office anymore. Sending packages worldwide usually isn’t cheap: that’s where comes in. Whether you’re selling on eBay, launching a new business, or just sending a package to a friend overseas, you can find the service to fit your needs. Broaden your business horizons–get started today with Parcel Monkey! Coming soon: Parcel Monkey domestic U.S. shipping will be launched in the next couple of weeks.


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