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Paid search ads and brand awareness seem to be two completely opposite things. Ads are a part of the advertising campaign and are targeted for making sales while brand awareness is an immeasurable branding effort. While you can count how many sales you got through a particular campaign, you can never count how much brand awareness you manage to create through the campaign.

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Then how is it possible? How can paid search ads create brand awareness?

First of all, what is brand awareness? Say, you’re a business that deals in women’s apparel. A customer is thinking of buying something from women’s apparel. Now, while he/she is going to shop, does your brand come into his/her mind? Does the customer know about your existence? When a customer has an image of your brand etched in his mind, that is what brand awareness is.

How do paid search ads help in brand awareness?

According to a recent study released by Google, consumers remember and select those brands that appear in top search ad position, even if they didn’t click on the ad then. Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm

That means if you are using a display advertising campaign or search campaign, you’re not only trying to achieve sales but also are building brand awareness through the process. It is like shooting two birds with a same arrow. By spending money for one campaign, you would actually manage to get results of two campaigns. Isn’t that good?

How to make maximum use of paid search ads to create brand awareness?

Here are some tips for that:

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  1. Make sure you always appear at the top of search results when someone searches for your brand. Even if you’re already appearing on the top, use a CPC campaign to make sure that you show up at top even for variations in your brand name. You would be surprised by how many people search for your brand using wrong spellings. You cannot lose such people to their inadequacy with language.
  2. Use keywords tools to make sure you tap all the keywords related to your business. You must show up instantly for each kind of service you provide.
  3. It isn’t necessary to send people to your homepage. You can also create ad campaigns where people are directed to a customized landing page that promotes a special offer or deal.
  4. Try to cover the areas that organic search isn’t covering for you. For example, if your business is appearing at top for term ‘startup’, minimize your expenditure on this keyword and spend it on other keyword that is relevant to your business but isn’t helping you in organic search say “startup ideas”.
  5. Using day parting is also a good idea. Day parting means your customer searching for a particular term would be able to see your business show up only during particular times for eg. 8 am to 5 pm. This matters a lot for ecommerce websites.

Now that you know how the paid search campaigns can help in brand awareness, pay special attention to them. If you’re not using them, use them now. Trust me! You will come to thank me later for giving you this information.


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