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For some site owners, off-site SEO is rather complicated. There are a lot of things to do in order to have high quality backlinks and good off-site SEO in general, from contacting other site owners to writing guest posts and commenting on other sites. One way to get around the hassle is to hire the best SEO Canada Company to help you. Alternatively, you can use these next several off-site seo tricks we are about to discuss in this article to get started with off-site SEO from your own site.

Quality Contents = More Backlinks

Yes, you can get backlinks by posting guest posts on other relevant, non-competing websites. However, you can also get a lot of backlinks by writing a truly great content and posting it on your own site.

Add share buttons to the bottom or side of the article and you can have hundreds – even thousands – of social media shares on a single article. Each user that shares your article is giving you a backlink from their social media pages. Google and other search engines are taking these social media posts into considerations when ranking your site, so this simple tip can indeed produce great results.

Having high quality contents that users really love could also mean getting quoted on a lot of highly authoritative sites. As the quotes get posted on these sites, a link to the original source will be added as well. As I said, instant backlinks without having to go through all the hassle.

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Co-Citation Links to the Rescue!

The process of building good relationships with other site owners in the industry is not something you can do overnight. Similar to SEO itself, relationship building is an ongoing process that requires a lot of attention to details. That said, there are ways you can get your brand to appear on other sites rather quickly. Co-citation links are great ways to start.

To get co-citation links effectively, your business or site needs to be about a particular niche. Do a search on “top 10” or best things in your niche or about topics related to it. You will find a lot of other sites discussing the subject. Read through the articles and see if you can add value to the article.

Next, contact the site’s owner – the one where the article is already published on – and ask if they will add a link to your site. Of course, you will have to explain how a link to your page will add value for the site’s visitors. For example, you can ask the site owner to cite your website about a tip that he can add to the article.

It is still a rather time consuming process, but co-citation links are mostly valuable and are great additions to your SEO campaign. Alternatively, you can use the age-old trick of search for broken links on other relevant sites and contacting the owners about the possibility of replacing those broken links with a link to your site for an added value.

We hope these off-site seo tricks would help you to improve the search engine rankings of your site.


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