Innovation is what drives the business world. The business world would not exist without entrepreneurs and innovative minds. Unfortunately, business also stifles innovation because of the demands upon your time. Most people work nine to five, five days a week. This leaves little time for innovation and outside jobs. There are thousands of people in the business world who have excellent ideas for businesses or inventions that just don’t have the time or the money. The problem is that there will never be more time or more money. Entrepreneurs and innovators alike need just have to jump in. They have to take the risk. They have to do. The excuse that most people make is that there is not enough time and not enough money. The harsh reality is that there will never be more time than now. There will never be more money than now. Innovation and entrepreneurship is something that waits for no one, so the modern business person must simply seize the day.


No Time

The first excuse that most people have about entrepreneurship is not having enough time. The problem with this argument is that there will never be more time. You will never work less hours than you do now. Even women who stay home with children end up working full time. There is just never enough time in the day. There is hope, however. A woman who truly wants to own her own business and be her own boss will make the time. That means working during lunch hours. It means working on weekends. It means working in the evening. It may even mean foregoing a few chores in order to get ahead. A woman who feels the drive to own her own business will stop at nothing to reach her goals. She will work a regular job plus many hours a week in order to get herself off of the ground. A woman who wants to own her own business will not simply wish. She will take action in order to reach her goals.


No Money

The second excuse that most people make about starting a business is that they do not have the money for it. Some may say that owning a business is a dream. Others may say that they are saving for that one day. The problem is that the one day never comes. Something inevitably interferes with plans. Someone needs new tires. Some needs braces. A holiday happens. There is always something that takes away from any money allotted for business. The secret to starting a business is that the money is out there. There are angel investors. There are funding websites. There are grants. There are opportunities available to the entrepreneur that only require a few dollars as a down payment. A person with proper motivation will find a way to finance the business. A person that truly wants to break free from corporate rule and the nine to five job will find a way. No money is no excuse.

Many women out there feel stuck in the daily grind. Many women out there have excellent ideas for business and making money. The trick is to become motivated enough to break free from the chains of the corporate job. The essential part of becoming an entrepreneur is liberating yourself from the chains of the job that you are in. One year from now where will you be? Will you be where you are now or will you be your own boss? Will you be a subordinate or a boss? The choice is yours. You only have to make the decision to free yourself from the rigmarole of everyday life and seize the day!

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