Recognize.IM is a platform with an image recognition technology API, developed by the Polish company, iTraff Technology. The service is during the testing period currently and the number of free accounts for testers is limited (you can ask for it via form available on the site), but in a few days it will become open and thanks to it everyone will be able to create own mobile application based on image recognition technology in few easy steps

After logging in to the service user is able to create his own index of the pictures. API users receive also special keys assigned to their accounts and are able to send requests to the server from their mobile applications. Once the images are sent to our server and the index is built, they will be recognizable for the algorithm when the picture taken by the smartphone is similar.

Recognize.IM platform give its users access to the code of the ready application, that can then be modified, too. This way you can create your own, branded application, which design will resemble the original work of the company. Simply insert to the offered application your own templates and optimize it for the target users.

The number of possible ways of API use is limited only by the developer’s creativity. Really, the sky is the limit. For instance, the API authors created SaveUp, the purchasing application for the Polish market. This is the original e-commerce solution that allows its users to purchase products, which are advertised in newspapers, on posters, billboards or on any other surface (even LED monitor).

With SaveUp shop is everywhere and covers of books, games, films and CDs are like barcodes, they lead o to the information… but you do not need barcode anymore.

Recognized items can be immediately ordered in one of the 50 largest Polish online shops. It is worth to mention that, the most of the products is available in various versions. In the case of books application offer both kinds, the traditional and the digital (e-books and audiobooks). Movies can be found both on DVD and Blu-ray, and music can be found on the audio CDs or sometimes even on vinyl.

Interesting, non-commercial examples of the image recognition technology API use, also developed by iTraff Technology, are applications Art4Europe and Art4Note. The first one was designed for international competition hosted by Europeana Foundation (co-organized under the supervision of the European Commission). It allows to recognize works of art (paintings, carvings, etc.) from a database of the Foundation itself containing over 19 million records. This application won the competition in the category “Software of the greatest business potential”. The reward was handed for the iTraff Technology in Brussels, by Neelie Kroes, the European Commissioner for the Digital Agenda.

The latter application, Art4Note was also designed to identify works of art. However, it do not use a database of Europeana Foundation, but the Wikipedia articles. It was prepared for the Evernote Devcup competition, in which the iTraff Technology company is starting. Results were not announced yet.

Algorithm used for image recognition technology offered by iTraff Technology cope not only with the recognition of perfectly flat 2D objects, but also is being developed for 3D recognition. Today it is able to identify the object even if it is bent. For example, technology will manage with the label on the bottle or the picture printed on a shirt.

Tribal Employee application, which has been prepared for an international meeting of the agency Tribal DDB members is a perfect example for that. This application allowed to recognize previously prepared, unique images that were printed on the T-shirts of employees of the agency. During the event, everyone was able to use the application to take the snapshot of these pictures to know the owner name, position, and a list of the agency clients served by the employee.

Let me write it again: the number of uses of the technology available on the platform Recognize.IM is unlimited. It can be used for e-commerce, to create effective advertising campaigns, as well as for entertainment purposes.

The creators of service also prepared for its customers the special rewards. Those who will give their feedback, no matter whether it will be positive or negative, will have a chance to win the new iPads once in every month. In addition, in a few weeks, there will be a special, international hackathon in which the best API use will be rewarded with the 10 000 USD. Follow the company’s social media and do not miss it: Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

iTraff Technology company was preparing to open the API platform since it acquired funding of 1.8 million PLN (0.55 mln USD), what happened in March this year. Among the investors are Speedup Venture Capital Group, Innovation Nest, Raphael Han and Stephane Senkowski. The company develops image recognition technology for over a year and a half. It was founded in late 2010 in Poznan, Poland. The technology already has gained numerous awards, as already it was mentioned, in Belgium, but also in Austria, Greece, Finland and Poland.


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