With a huge population around the globe shifting towards internet shopping, ecommerce stores are popping up everywhere. Not every store is able to see the light of success but we’re sure that people who would read these tips for ecommerce stores would surely have an edge over others.

There is one simple rule of business which can make or mar your dream and that is – always analyze your market. If you really want to make sales, you need to keep track of all the latest online trends that can affect your target market and then you have to prepare your business to make the most of those online trends.

We came across this amazing graphic which not only caught our attention but also compelled us to share it with you guys.  Why? Because of how useful and resourceful it would be for you guys.

Online trends and tips for ecommerce stores

small business ideas: setup an online store

Here are some important points we noticed because of this infographic:

  1. 40% of internet users worldwide have shopped online. That’s huge!
  2. This means there are over 1 billion buyers on the internet.
  3. The frequency of online shopping has increased a lot. 40% of online shoppers shop through ecommerce stores for more than once a month.
  4. Attention! This is one of the best tips for ecommerce stores or you can say this would help new start-ups develop their game plan (read business plan). The most common product that people shop for is consumer electronics (69%) followed by books, clothing & apparel, household goods and office supplies. Check out the infographic to see which other products are in top of the list.
  5. Free shipping can help you make more sales. Note it down! Many people add more items to cart just to avail free shipping option. Try it! But don’t go overboard with this or you might lose sales.
  6. Having a mobile optimized websites is extremely important for majority of shoppers are using mobile as well as tablets. If you are focusing on young audience, mobile and tablets can be your best bet.
  7. A mobile app is also a good idea. Make sure it is easy to use.
  8. A social media strategy is very important if you’re having an ecommerce store. Because majority of online shoppers hangout on social media sites like Facebook (77%) and Twitter (26%).
  9. An easy return policy helps brands to build the trust of the consumers.
  10. And this would be the last and most important tips for ecommerce stores – don’t forget to keep you store update all the time.

We hope this was of help to you. Here’s the infographic which helped us to give you this information. Save it and make sure you go through this regularly to make sure that you’re not making any blunders when it comes to running an ecommerce store. Good luck!

Courtesy of: Alight



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