Today’s Bigwigs, once were losers at taking the academic careers to completion

{Added Flavor: Read on to know, FIVE Ps essential in a marketing game}

An Entrepreneur is one who knows the technique to draw out profit from the market, while a successful entrepreneur knows well how to rule the market.


You’ve been fancying being a czar of the business world, hence studying to be a polish entrepreneur. Your path is right, but what about the intent you have been carrying for long. Is your intent a combo of perfect aptitude and attitude or you’re a believer of rote learning?

For clarity, you as a beginner need to turn the pages back to glance into the lives of those who reigned supreme in the business kingdom.

Did you know? Be it Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Google’s birth-giver Larry Page, Steve Jobs of Apple, and Ford Motor’s founder Henry Ford, are few of the names among other billionaires who left the academic race in the middle, studying in school or college. Their dazzling careers certainly put up a teasing question before the people who speculate, earning in billions can be touched only when the person sharpens his marketing skills from a prestigious college or university. The list of those luminaries doesn’t wind up here that further stretches to other big-guns like Yahoo founder Jerry Yang and taking everyone by social networking storm; the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and David Geffen of Geffen Records.

Looking at their spick and span ventures, it won’t be wrong calling marketing a game that calls for five Ps, “Preference, Patience, Positivity, Perseverance, and above all, Practicality”. Plus, marketing business means cashing in on the opportunities that others often miss tapping into.

These eggheads tailored their strategies according to what the circumstances demanded that eventually paid rich dividends to them. All these people have one thing in common; thinking out of the line that helps them stand different from the rest. Moreover, their attitude-we can do better than what others do, will have you in showering admiration for them.

That said doesn’t underline that the core meaning of all those running institutions, including schools and universities teaching students the ways to get successful, goes down the drain. Their existence in itself is quite crucial to mould a person’s future course to the better. You can’t imagine learning the basic skills like, how to address the people, or how to work collectively in a group, or how to take everybody along, skipping school or university. These are the places perfect for shaping your career or making you realize the things you can do better. Coming out of a school or university with sharpened skills will undeniably help you excel in the specific sphere of life you’ve drawn the picture in the heart for long.

Do remember, what matters more is what you learn and how, in these educational centre. For, you can never predict, in spite of being in the cream students you mayn’t achieve what a person, not so good academically, achieves in the real world as there exist a huge gap between the school or university level and the real world.

The naked reality is most of the time in the real world you need to think beyond your academic experience. Its good having a degree from a famed University, but having a strong vision what you will do is extremely important. Once you dive in the market arena, there will be no one always holding your finger, telling you about nuances of the business. Choosing a right path and walking on the way leading to success are the things you need to do on your own.

You’re academically sound and you know how to implement those learned strategies during graduation level on the practical grounds, then, scaling business heights won’t be as difficult as for those who consider committing bookish content to memory as a roadmap to marketing success.

Before winding up, it will be beneficial for you to wire the forthcoming lines into your thinking equation.

Exception doesn’t make the rules, but successful tongue utters; Exception dares rules and even changes them. All in your hands, either to be a source of the exception or don’t do something because it’s an exception. Now, go figure.



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