With more than 65 million business professionals around the globe and one new person creating an account every second, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the world’s largest authority of influential professionals in the world.

This community can bring you a lot of business and help you in marketing as well which makes it quite important for your business. But not many businesses are aware of this fact and are not leveraging the power of LinkedIn. This is a big folly which must be corrected.

Here I have listed some powerful ways of how you can use LinkedIn for your business.

  1. Create the Company’s page: Once you create a profile on LinkedIn, you would an opportunity to create your company’s page while completing the resume section on the website. You must create your company’s page (if you don’t have it already); which would automatically get linked to your profile.
  2. Join Relevant Groups: It is time to spread the reach of your business and look for more customers and influencers. Choose the LinkedIn groups that are relevant to you and start networking through them. Make sure you don’t join a large number of groups just for the sake of joining. You need to be an active contributor to the group.
  3. Establish yourself as an Expert: Once you become an active contributor in LinkedIn groups, you would have an opportunity to establish yourself as an expert. That would give you a lot of credibility and business opportunities.
  4. Conduct Market Research: You can use the groups to conduct market research as well. Make sure the groups are completely relevant to your business otherwise you would end up getting disappointed with the results. You can also ask the group members to review your business which would give you a lot of useful customer feedback. LinkedIn groups also allow you the opportunity to interact with relevant people and even look for hiring.
  5. Passive & Aggressive Marketing Option: Marketing is the first reason why businesses join social media sites. LinkedIn provides you a great platform to market yourself or your business. You can easily grab the attention of attractive clients and customers by making a profile, building relevant connections and regular updates about your business.

You can also get introduced to a greater set of people and businesses which might otherwise be unreachable. LinkedIn testimonials profit you with credibility that encourages people to trust you and do business with you.

Aggressive LinkedIn marketing through posting regular updates, active group participations, answering question and paid LinkedIn advertising pays off well.

If you’re just beginning with LinkedIn for your business, you might consider handling it by yourself. A dedicated virtual assistant would obviously benefit you a lot in this task.

LinkedIn is a great tool but it doesn’t work for all kinds of businesses. So, before you go on and implement all the steps listed above, make sure you take time to find out if LinkedIn would be relevant to your business or not.

Go on… let your business grow to another level with this awesome tool you have in your reach.



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