Last day, we discussed about how to use facebook groups for promotion of your business. We highlighted the importance of facebook groups and how they can help us in achieving our sales and marketing target. One thing we didn’t emphasize in the last articles was use of facebook groups for business, specifically their importance in branding of your business.

Today we are going to discuss how you can use facebook groups for business. Basically, we are going to talk about a few steps that would help your create a better business strategy, promote your business for virtually no cost, do more sales and create a better brand out of your business.

  1. Network with dedicated fans: the most important thing facebook groups provide you is networking opportunities. You can directly connect with your fans, ask them for feedback, discuss business opportunities with loyal fans (affiliate, promotion through blogger influence network etc.) If you’re thinking that this can be done through facebook page as well, you’re wrong. Facebook pages don’t allow you as much privacy as facebook groups do. Also, Facebook pages don’t allow healthy and long discussions, facebook groups do.
  2. Get feedback: What’s the most important aspect of networking with your business fans? It is to get feedback from them. We have always emphasized on customer surveys and importance of customer feedback. Of course, what you need is constructive feedback and that is often difficult to get. Facebook groups for business allow the businesses to connect with fans that are more likely to give constructive feedback. In case you do get a destructive hateful comment or something, you have a lot of chances to make that bad experience right.
  3. Respond to queries: Through facebook groups, you can respond to each and every query of your customer in an elaborate manner. Also, you can get them indulged in healthy and long discussions which would help you strengthen your brand.
  4. Share company achievements: your loyal fans would love to hear more about your company and its achievements. Use facebook groups for that. They also help you portray yourself as a ‘real’ entity rather than an unachievable brand. I don’t need to tell how it affects the trustworthiness of your brand. Do I?
  5. Be present and transparent: We have discussed how facebook groups for business are a good idea. But there is one important thing that you must remember to leverage the power of facebook groups. Make sure you’re active in your group. It is important to interact with your customers, respond to their queries and make them feel special all the time. Once you start with the group, there is no going back. You need to constantly monitor what people are discussing, you need to start new discussions and ask for healthy feedback. Just be active.

I hope now you fully understand why using facbeook groups for business is an important step and how you can make the most out of it.

This post is a part of SMM series that has been designed for businesses to conquer the social media marketing platform. Check out all the posts in the series.


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