If you’ve just started up an estate agency, but you’re not seeing the returns that you’d like, then you may need to give the way you’re running your business a bit of a shake up. From the way you deal with clients to the way you deal with your staff, there are a range of different ways to boost your business.


Look Successful

As they say, fake it to make it. It’s surprising how often the way you look will influence a customers’ decision, so if you look successful, then they’re more likely to go with you. If you appear scruffy, then this will affect your service.

Repaint your office, or if you’re an online letting agent like House Network, have a website overhaul, and make sure everything about the business is clean and smart. Put in place maintenance and reviews to make sure the shiny new company keeps this reputation.

Coach Your Staff

Training your staff properly, with regular updates and reviews means that you know how well your staff are performing and help them improve. All the best companies to work for have training their staff as a priority – no matter how small their role in their company. This will mean that not only are they better trained to do their job to the best of their ability, but they will also be happier, and therefore more productive.

Treat Your Customers with Respect

There are so many horror stories of people who are double booked by their estate agents, who don’t return their phone calls, and much more. So if you want to be the estate agent to stand out from the crowd, then make sure that you’re the ones treating your customers the way that you might want to be treated. Make sure that your clients are updated at every step of the way. this shows them that you have their interests at the forefront of your mind.

Get written feedback from every property that you sell, so you can continually be reviewing your performance and thinking about how you can improve. As a small company or start up, then inciting change will not be as difficult as it might be if you ran a national corporation.

Changing your approach to customers will mean that you will get more referrals, as people will genuinely rave about your company and your service.

Get Online and Be cool

When it comes to real estate, a huge amount of investment is involved and people want to trust in you before they buy. How can you get that trust? By building a sound relationship with them. You need to get connected with them. Having a good website along with a good social media strategy is really important. We personally love how this online estate agent works. Stalk them and gather some tips and become an awesome estate agent.

We hope these tips help you out. Let us know if they do.


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