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Nowadays, every other person in marketing field is a self proclaimed ‘marketing guru’ but what does it take to become a real one? How can you actually be the best when it comes to marketing your brand? How can you do it better than anyone else?

  1. Unleash you creativeness: the first important step you would need to become a marketing expert is be creative. Marketing is a subject that is often overpowered with statistics and trends but if that was only thing that mattered, every accountant would have been doing marketing. Marketing is a creative field and you need to understand that to actually do something in this market. Be an artist, present your brand in the most creative way possible and see how you would lose track of the number because of their rapid growth.
  2. Try something new every day: If your boss doesn’t allow you to try out new things when it comes to marketing your business, quit right now for you won’t be able to produce results for long. You can’t deliver good results through marketing unless you keep coming up with new things. From your marketing pitch to your social media content, everything should be fresh.
  3. Keep yourself updated: In order to be a marketing guru, you need to make sure to keep yourself updated with latest tools and techniques in the marketing field. Social media marketing is growing day by day and with that, tools for SMM are also growing. Offline marketing is also experiencing change and if you really want to be an expert, you need to keep track of all those changes.
  4. Play with the marketing tools:  Having talked about marketing tools in previous point, it is important to highlight the significance of ‘being a child’ when it comes to marketing. Remember, how kids are too enthusiastic and curious? That’s what a marketing guru needs to be. You should literally play with all the tools you have in your reach.
  5. Save time with automation tools: Automation tools are must for people who are into social media marketing. If you think you can personalize your posts and keep them better without such tools, you can never be a marketing guru. You need to keep yourself focused and try to deliver the best in least time.
  6. Focus on branding: Many consider branding and marketing different. But all those are novice people who don’t really understand their work. Both go hand in hand and you can’t work on one while ignoring other. It is simply not possible. If you think it is, you are doing everything all wrong.
  7. Be unique: A few days back I taught everything about Facebook marketing to a client and then my colleague asked me, “Don’t you think you run a risk of losing your job when you teach everything to someone else?” No. Because even if you know how exactly things are done, you can’t do them like me. And a wise client understands that. There’s the lesson for you. All that matters in the end is ‘being unique’. If you’re unique, there would be no competitor for you in the market, no one who can take your place and that’s exactly what a ‘guru’ is – He can’t be replaced with someone else.

Now that you know how to become a marketing guru, go on and practice these tips from your heart.



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