How To Actually Write An About Page

Your About page is one of the most important pieces of advertising on your website. And let’s face it, that’s what an About page is. It’s a piece of online advertising on your website.

Your About page is so important because it’s one of, if not, the first page people are going to click on when they land on your website and want to know more about you and what you do. So it needs to make a lasting impression. It needs to be such a good impression that they remember your site, bookmark it, and come back time and time again. When a visitor to your site reads your About page, they are looking for certain information.

Namely, they are trying to find out whether or not you can help them with a problem they have or perhaps help them potentially in the future.

See why it’s so important now?

So you need to get your About page right. However, there are some common mistakes small biz owners tend to make when writing their About pages.

  1. Too WE focused – Many website About pages are far too WE focused. What do I mean by that? I mean that they talk about themselves. They talk about who they are. Their philosophy. When their business started. Why they do what they do. You can talk about all of that but you do that later in another section of your About page for a more personal section rather than at the beginning. It’s at the beginning that people will decide whether or not you can help them. Your About page needs to be focused on your prospect, not you. Focus on what your prospects problems are and communicate it. Show them that you can help them with their problems. If you can do this immediately then you’ll capture their attention and interest, and they’ll want to learn more about you. That is why the more personal components should always come last. So always focus on addressing their problems first and how it is you can help them.
  1. Boring as Hell web copy – This is another common one. Many small biz owners simply don’t know how to communicate what they do in a way that is compelling and stands out. No doubt you are all too familiar with the kind of web copy I’m talking about. The kind of web copy that lacks no personality. Is full of jargon and sounds so “professional” that it ends up being boring as all Hell to read. Problem with this is that you are not giving your prospect a reason to remember you because you sound like every other business. And if you’re writing in jargon then no one is going to know what your talking about anyway. You can avoid this by writing in a way that is natural. Write the way you’d speak. Write in a way that expresses some personality because it’s here where you’ll create that connection with your prospect. People remember personalities but you need to give them a reason to remember you.
  1. No call to action – Just because it’s an About page doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a call to action. So you’ve told your prospect about how you can help them. You’ve showed them that you understand their problems. So now what? Well, you need to direct them to do something. Do you want them to subscribe to your email list? Do you want them to contact you for a free half hour consult? At the end of your About page you need a strong call to action commanding them what to do. Be direct and be blunt when you do it. Tell them the benefit they’ll get from doing what you want.


These are some of the more common mistakes biz owners tend to make when writing their About pages. Remember, your About page is an opportunity to sell yourself and win new customers so make it count. Focus on the problems your prospects faces, how you can help them, and do it in a way that stands out. This way your About page will become another advertising goldmine for your biz.


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