make more sales through linkedin

LinkedIn is the professional Facebook. After discussing about how Facebook can help you make more sales, we felt the need of discussing how to leverage the power of LinkedIn to reach out to quality people, target your potential customers and create a network that would eventually convert into sales.

LinkedIn is a lot like Facebook except for the fact it is there to create professional connection instead of friends. So, instead of adding someone as friend, you request a connection.

How to make more sales through LinkedIn?

The secret here is to make quality connections and promote your brand cleverly.

1. Make quality connections:

First make quality connections with people. Interact with people you connect with. Obviously the more connections you have, the more people you reach. But how to make good connections?

Here are some tips: Add all the people in your email contacts. Look for people you meet in business conferences or for business meetings and add them. Add everyone you know and can find on LinkedIn. Look for more people that are related to your business.

2. Complete your LinkedIn profile:

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Make sure your LinkedIn profile has plenty of information about your business and brand. It should be put forward in an impressive way.  In your profile, tell the story of your brand, what you sell and what kind of people can find value in your brand.

3. Sharing on LinkedIn:

Don’t consider LinkedIn update as a ‘Facebook update’ where you’re just supposed to speak your mind. Make it professional and sound important. For that’s how it is going to be perceived.

Posting the links to your web pages can help you make sales. But don’t go overboard with this. One update every alternate day is more than enough.

Share content that you think would be of value to your connections. This would make them more interested in what you have to say and thus whatever you post through point 5 would be taken more pleasantly and seriously.

4. Create your own content:

Use LinkedIn Blogs to create guide and how-tos that are related to your brand. This would help you establish yourself as an expert and highly boost your brand’s reputation and ultimately, boost the sales.

5. Use Linked Groups:



LinkedIn groups provide another opportunity to establish your identity or the identity of your business and make an impact on people. Search for groups related to your business or expertise and join some active groups.

Participate in the discussions. Be selfless here… Give away your knowledge and it would come back to you in form or recognition and sales.

Here a lot of you might doubt the possibility of getting sales through this. But I have personally tried and tested this. When you’re with a professional network, you get free marketing through reputable people. And marketing does bring sales. Doesn’t it?

That’s the power of quality network. LinkedIn basically gives you a quality network and that’s the most important thing for the success of a business.

So, this is how you can use LinkedIn to make more sales. Remember! It is not about being able to pitch your idea to anyone and everyone, it is about making yourself reach to people who care about your idea and would spread it forward.

This is in fact and indirect technique to make sales but it works like magic!


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