Marketing and strategy

Marketing and strategyAfter you get the hang of online marketing, you will realize that it can be very helpful for your business. This will allow you to promote your site and increase your profit in a matter of several months. Here I will share my experience with you the basics of online marketing and how it helped me raise visibility for business and increase profit.

First and foremost, you need to know that the main difference between classic marketing and online marketing is that while the former is done with the help of brochures, newspaper advertising, branded marquees, branded gazebos and such, the latter uses link building, banners, search engine optimization and many other techniques that aim to attract visitors to your Web site. From my experience I can tell you that e-mail marketing and link building are also highly efficient.

I opened a travel agency one year ago and I wanted to advertise my business in the online environment as well, given the continuous expansion of Internet. I did not want to focus solely on offline marketing, since I knew it is a lot more expensive compared to online marketing. Besides, online marketing offered me a wide variety of useful services for my business. I purchased a package that included SEO, e-mail marketing and link building from a reputable marketing agency. This package was far more convenient than using individual services.

Increase Profit

I can honestly say that I noticed my profit increased by approximately 25% after the first month. Slowly but surely, more and more people started to visit my site in the following months, so I kept using the services of that online marketing agency in the future and they even gave me some discounts.

Besides online marketing, offline marketing (especially newspaper advertising) also helped me a lot, despite the price. Even though there are hundreds of millions of people on the Internet, most of them still reside in the real world and I knew it was important not to exclude them. This is where people get most of their information. I can tell you from my experience that you get the best results if you combine online and offline marketing.

The Plan

When it comes to offline marketing, you can do it in many different ways: you can use business cards, brochures, flyers, gift certificates, discount coupons, you can use radio and TV or the local newspaper, you also need to opt to trade fair presentations that will never become old-fashion. Personally, I prefered to offer customers discount codes and vouchers along with freebies. This helped me raise brand awareness.

Another important aspect of offline marketing that you should not neglect is direct mail letters and postcards. This worked great for me, despite the fact that initially I was a bit reluctatnt to the idea, since I know it can be bothersome to find advertisements in your mail. However, the positive feedback from people was a positive sign. Besides, I also recommend you to add your signature (along with contact details and the Web site) in all the faxes and e-mails. This is perhaps the cheapest way to increase brand awareness.

Trust Your Marketing Plan

If you have a thought out and planned marketing plan, have faith. One of the most important things I learned about marketing is that you must exude confidence and enthusiasm whenever you talk about your site. This will certainly make people curious about it and they will want to visit it and see what you have to offer. Besides, you can also increase the visibility of your site if you make it popular enough. At that point, local newspapers will start to write about it and this is free advertising. You need to keep in mind that when it comes to making your site more popular, you have to focus not only on the content you provide, but also on how can your company have a positive impact on those who visit your site.

Set Goals

Determine your goals and identify the potential obstacles that you may encounter. After that, you must connect with your target audience (target market): those people who are interested in purchasing your product or using your company’s services. The success of a company depends mostly on the overlap between the content of a Web site and the needs of the target audience.

To summarize, this is how I managed to increase the visibility of my travel agency with the help of online and offline marketing. If you want to focus on Internet marketing, then you should be fully aware of your competition, you must know the needs and desires of your visitors and you have to attract loyal customers.



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