In the current dog-eat-dog world of business, it’s more difficult than ever make a profit, or even just to break even. With the perhaps shocking statistic that 80% of all small business start-ups fail in their first year, it’s crucial that all businesses do what they can to improve their chances of keeping their heads above the water.

Although many plans might strike you, going green with your business might not be the first thing to strike you as being an effective way to get a better handle of your company’s finances.

However, going green can have a real positive impact on your business’s bottom line. If you can’t see the correlation between green business and profit, don’t worry – we’ve created this guide that explains why going green isn’t just good for the environment.


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Operate Sustainably

One of the best things about implementing green infrastructure across various aspects of your business is that it helps your business to be more sustainable. This doesn’t just mean that you draw your electricity from renewable sources – like solar panels attached to your office’s roof (although that would be a good place to start). It also means that you operate a paper-free workplace where your team members are invited to bring their own laptops, smartphones and tablets into the workplace, lowering your operational cost and environmental impact simultaneously.

Massively Improve Your Public Image

Even if you don’t have a bad public image, you should always be trying to come up with new ways to present your business in a positive light to the public, and to potential clients.

Going green – not to get too cynical – is an extremely marketable strategy for any business, and shows potentially interested parties how well your company moves with the times, emphasizing your dynamism and flexibility – both of which are highly regarded qualities for a business.

Cutting Those Ever-Increasing Bills

In operational terms, implementing green behaviors can be a great way to cut those forever expanding bills. With fuel prices rocketing, it’s an unfortunate truth that businesses are simply going to have to pay more to keep their offices heated each year.

However, investing time and resource into researching companies like MyFourWalls can help you to save a lot of money in the long run, making your business efficient by reducing your monthly expenditure. If your building is relatively poorly insulated, there’s no wonder why you’re losing money each month through your heating bills, and you could permanently slash the bills by installing eco-friendly insulation.

So as you can see, going green is good for the environment and good for your business, too. If you weren’t convinced of the correlation beforehand, we hope you are now.


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