Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm

On April 21,2015, Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm would roll out. While previous algorithms like Penguin, Panda almost caught every webmaster off guard, this time Google decided to play an angel, rather than a devil for webmasters. The announcement of Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm comes with a number of guidelines and measures that can help webmasters to take quick action and save their asses.

Here are the important things that you must know about Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm

  • The Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm would be launched on April 21 and would affect only searches made on mobile devices. The searches made through desktop won’t be affected by this algorithm.
  • The algorithm update is being launched to make it easier for people searching through mobiles. It is irritating to land up on a website that just doesn’t open correctly on your device. Isn’t it? This algorithm would give a tight blow to such websites.
  • The algorithm would be applied worldwide i.e. every single search on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) around the world would be affected.
  • The algorithm is real-time. This implies that your search engine rankings might change every time the Google bots crawl your website. For example, you made your site mobile friendly on 22 April, then you would start seeing positive results on your efforts by the next day.
  • The algorithm would work page by page. Say your website’s blog is mobile friendly but ecommerce portal is not. This would bring out positive results for your blog while your ecommerce portal’s search engine results would be hit badly.
  • The algorithm would also allow indexing of android apps. iOS apps cannot be indexed because of the lack of database.

How to prepare for Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm

  • Make your website responsive and mobile friendly.
  • Check the status of mobile usability of your site. This article might help.

Make sure you’re ready to face this new Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm. Start working!



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