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Five Helpful Tips For Making an Impression On Clients

When meeting a client, you obviously want to make the best possible impression. At the same time,
you don’t want to go overboard or make a mistake that backfires. What are some effective actions you
can take to impress clients?

1. Do Your Research. The single most important thing you can do before meeting a client is to do some
thorough research on the person and company. This is essential for making a good impression, and it
can be the difference between making a deal or not.
You should find out as much as you can about the client personally, and also any products or services
that the business handles. This will allow you to hold an intelligent conversation and anticipate the
client’s needs.

2. Look and Behave Professionally. When meeting a client, you want to look your best. Whether you
are meeting during or after business hours, remember that this is a business meeting. Make sure you
arrive on time and that you are dressed appropriately.
You should also behave in a way that shows you care what the client is saying. Make eye contact and
be as helpful as possible in providing answers to questions. Do your best to minimize distractions.
Leave your cell phone off or on vibrate so you can give the client your full attention.

3. Choose the Right Environment. Whether you meet at your place of work, home or in a public place
really depends on what you think will work best. Consider what you know about the client. Would he
or she feel more comfortable at an office or in a more informal setting?
If you do meet at work, it’s best to reserve a conference room, unless you have a large and impressive
office of your own. A conference room is generally quieter and more spacious than a busy work area.

4. Have a Plan. You don’t have to memorize what you’re going to day word for word. You should,
however, have a good general idea of what you want to accomplish with this meeting. Write out a list
of points that you want to bring up. Try to anticipate questions or objections that the client is likely to
raise. This will help the meeting go more smoothly.

5. Give Promotional Gifts to your potential clients. Promotional products can be a thoughtful way to
impress the client. There are all kinds of gifts that will make a lasting impression, depending on the
age, gender and tastes of the client. You could consider golf clubs, food or wine, briefcases, frames or
albums, engraved pens or luggage just to suggest a few possibilities.


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