Facebook groups are one of the best sources of creating a quality network that can convert into potential customers or visitors. A lot of visitors on my blog come through Facebook groups. A large number of likes on my blog’s official Facebook Page came through Facebook Groups. You must know how to use facebook groups for promotion of your business.

Here is a guide that would help you in building the right kind of presence on facebook groups and use them for promotion of your business.

  1. Join the right groups: this is the most important aspect of working on facebook groups and it is undoubtedly the most ignored one as well. It is essential to pick up groups that match with your business’s niche. For example, if your business is about food, join groups related to food. The groups which are not related to your niche would bring you no results.
  2. Search for groups: having said the first point, I would like to answer the obvious question that would have popped up in your mind. How to search for the right groups? Facebook allows you a number of search options – direct search for groups, search for groups related to a particular facebook page, search for groups that have been liked by your friends or search for groups that has members from some particular group. Using such search options, you can find groups that would suit your niche.   impression on clients
  3. Read the description: Once you have the list of groups that suit your niche, read the description carefully. See if the group’s rules would meet your requirement. Some groups don’t allow posting of links. Such groups would be of no value in case you’re looking for promoting your website. Filter the groups on the basis of your business requirements.
  4. Find if the group is active or not: If you want to get good results, it is important that you focus on groups that are active. An inactive group would hardly bring any results. Of course, you can try and make the community talk but that would require a lot of your attention and a big effort on your part. If you have enough resources for that, do it. Else chuck out the inactive groups from your list.
  5. Be active: now that you have the final list of which facebook groups you need to focus on, start working on them. Get active. Start participating in the group discussions, connect with people, and answer the questions if asked in the group and JUST BE ACTIVE. Once you start talking, people would start listening and that would be the right time to begin promotion of your own business or brand.
  6. Promote carefully: You are almost a pro when it come to using facebook groups for promotion. This is the last thing you need to understand and practice. Be careful when you promote your business. It must not look like you are just there in the group for self promotion. Provide value to the members of the groups through your activities and make sure your posts are valuable to them.                                                                                               8 Puzzle Pieces to Successful Advertising

You’re fully ready to leverage the power of facebook groups for promotion. What are you waiting for? Don’t let go resource go waste. Make a good use of them. Good luck!


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