Selling Products Online

The e-commerce industry is worth several billion dollars. More people are taking to the Internet when they want to buy goods and services. From pizzas to pallets of plastic piping, the Internet makes it easy for people around the world to buy stuff.

One thing that is quite good about selling products online is that anyone can do it! You don’t need to be a large corporation to sell products online. Websites like eBay, for instance, make it easy for people to sell anything they think has a value attached to it.

Do you run a business that sells physical products? If so, this handy guide is for you. In it, you will learn just how easy it is to open up an online store that’s ready to take people’s orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Set up your own website or use an online marketplace?

Before you go and start telling your customers that you have started selling products online and then can now buy them through just a few clicks, you need to answer one important question. Should you sell your products through your own website, or should you use an established marketplace?

Some folks find it easier to use online marketplaces like eBay. And for handmade products, there’s always Etsy. Of course, there’s a reason people should consider using their own websites to sell on: profit.

The thing about online marketplaces is that they take a cut of any sales. If they didn’t make a commission on what you sell, they would not exist anymore. But when you sell through your website, you have minimal overheads.

For the most part, you only have to pay a fee to your favorite payment processor for card transactions. Some companies find that selling through various online channels is a great way to increase sales. These are questions you need to research the answers to.

Use experts to set up your e-commerce website

You might be thinking that it’s cheaper to figure out stuff on your own. But that is a false economy. At the end of the day, you end up spending more money getting others to fix your mistakes.

Your time is valuable, and better spent on other important matters. Pay for experts to set up your website and handle your marketing campaigns. Think of those expenses as investments rather than costs.

Use Stripe for payments and invoicing

When your customers buy products from your website, they need a way to pay you by card. And they also need a way to retrieve invoices for their orders.

Stripe is an excellent payment processing service. Their fees are low, and developers love using them when building e-commerce websites. There is even a nifty invoice generator for Stripe that you can use with the service.

Market best-sellers, ditch non-sellers

Every company has products that are best-sellers, and ones that sit in a warehouse gathering dust. Managing an e-commerce website can sometimes be a time-consuming job.

If you have products that are poor performers, get rid of them from your website. Learn why they are not selling. And if they no longer fit your product portfolio, drop them from your range.

Use Inventory Management Softwares

When you have a lot of products to be sold, it is difficult to keep track of the inventory. What you require are inventory management softwares that can make your work easier, more efficient and less time consuming.

We’re constantly working on updating this article to include more tips on selling products online. Till then, make sure you get these done and we will come up with some more very soon!

Good luck!


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