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Press Releases are official statements given to newspapers containing information about a particular matter. Businesses use this as tool of marketing and it does work. But only if you do it right.

That’s why we are going to talk about do’s and don’ts of press releases for all kinds of businesses and blogs.

Do’s of Press Releases

  1. Create a catchy headline: You got that press release published because you wanted people to read it. Right? So, if you really want the people to read the press release, make sure you use a catchy headline that would make it irresistible for them to not read what you have to say.
  2. Include the 5W’s: 5 W’s refer to who, what, when, where and why. The very purpose of the press releases is to impart useful information to the concerned people. These 5 W’s are the first few things the reader would want to know. Make sure you include them in a very clear and straight forward manner.
  3. Include a media contact: You want different news agencies and brands to notice you. Don’t you? But what would they do if you include no contact information? All your efforts would go waste. Make sure you include a media contact in direct manner.
  4. Include your social media, website and phone number: Nowadays, people look for social media channels of your business as the ‘first important task’. Make sure you provide them easy access and also handle your social media properly for a first impression is the last impression. Including a website address and phone number would be great.                                                                                                                                                                             social media pro
  5. Write in third person: Maintaining a correct tone is important for a good conversation. Press Releases must be written in third person for they’re most effective in that way.
  6. Include photos: At last, make them interesting. And photos do that job really well. So, include some photos in your press release to have it read and leave a great impact on the reader.

Don’ts of Press Releases

  1. Send to wrong people:  This is a mistake businesses often do. If you’re a business related to restaurants, then send your press releases to journalists who talk about food or restaurants. Sending them to fashion related journalist wouldn’t bring you good results. So, don’t do that.
  2. Keep it too short: We believe that 800 is the apt length of a press release. Don’t ever make it less than 500 words. The apt length is necessary to catch people’s attention in real.
  3. Assuming that people would read each word: If you’re reading this article word by word, you would be one of the thousands of visitors of our website in day. In the internet era, people scan the articles/text, not read it. Design your press release while keeping this in mind.
  4. Make false claims: People might lie all day but what they expect from other people is CLEAR TRUTH. If you fail to provide that in your press release, your business will suffer a huge loss because of trust issues with the clients.
  5. Use old content: Do you remember that old press release you sent to 1-2 journalists? It didn’t make that much buzz so you might decide to use the same press release once again. No one would notice. Right? People would notice and when they will, you would portray yourself as a stale business. Do you want that?

 We hope this post helps you out in mastering the art of press releases. Good luck. 🙂


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