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“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears”. – Anthony Robbins

It’s no illusion that most of the successful entrepreneurs you’ll meet are generous, positive and inspiring people.  They’ve learnt something that aspirational entrepreneurs need to learn, and that is attitude matters.

Having the right attitude means thinking and behaving in way that will make you more attractive to do business with. Successful entrepreneurs have known that how you behave and respond to the world around you will determine your success or failure.

People like to do business with people they like and trust.

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Have you ever had a negative friend who you just cannot stand to be around because they are just a big bundle of misery.

These sad sacks are unlikely to be successful at anything because they are depressing to be around.  No one wants to be around them.

These people spend their lives being unhappy because: they don’t earn enough, they haven’t the biggest house or that new sports car.  Or they don’t live in the best suburbs. They look at others with envy, because they have something they don’t have.  And many times they don’t pursue their goals because they blame others for feeling unfulfilled.


If you think like this you believe that resources are limited and are only available to the privileged few.   You’ll always find a reason to blame others for your situation rather than taking responsibility for your actions and choices.  This is not the right attitude for success.

From time to time we all feel inadequate and failure seems to taunt us.  This keeps us from pursuing our goals and dreams. It’s important to realise that this is normal and temporary. As entrepreneurs we have to move beyond this if we are to achieve our goals.


How do you dig yourself out of a temporary situation like this.  The most positive thing you can do is to spend time outdoors, in a forest, by the beach.  Walk along a beach, a river.  Take a canoe and paddle along a lake.  Meditate, exercise, go for a run, walk or cycle.  Do something to get yourself out of this rut.

Recognise that you’re not alone.  From time to time we feel overwhelmed because our business may not be moving in the right direction. Or obstacles that we didn’t expect appear.  Maybe things are not moving as fast as we would have liked.  It is natural, it’s life.
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I love the Fijian culture.  They see problems as temporary.  Rather than becoming stressed about a situation they respond with… “it will pass”.  Don’t create a situation with your response that allows the problem to linger.  It’s best to realise it is just a momentary challenge.  Don’t over emphasise the situation.  Give it the attention it deserves and move on.

The other issue I see entrepreneurs get into trouble with is that they spend all their energy on discussing the problem rather than resolving it.  It’s best to spend 70% of your time on the solution rather than the problem.  If all you do is tell all and sundry about the problem you are not focusing on the solution you are only making the problem worse than it is.

Remember when things are tough we are being tested.  God, the universe, whatever it is for you, is challenging your determination for success.  The more aggressive your response the more difficult the problem is to resolve. This then put you in a disempowering situation.

It’s better to accept that there are going to be bumps in the road and occasionally you have to make a detour.  The problem’s solution will eventuate.  See your journey as if you’re traveling along a river in a boat. From time to time you’ll have to change direction or take action to avoid an obstacle on your journey to your destination.

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If you are having a tough time remember how lucky you are.  If you can read this: you are literate, you have the resources to own a computer, and pay for internet access.  If you can afford this much you can afford to put food on the table every day. You most probably live in a democratic country where you enjoy freedoms many people around the world can only dream of. You have so many freedoms and possibilities that you are the only person limiting those opportunities through your beliefs and attitude.

Look around you at all the things you own that bring you joy and create meaning and beauty in your life.  Be thankful for what you have, you are lucky!

Having an attitude of gratitude is important because you learn to appreciate what you have. The family that loves you, friends, a house of your own, education and skills that enable you to engage with the world in a meaningful way.

Many of us focus so much on what we don’t have that we forget what we do have.  Give thanks every day for what you have: a loving daughter, a handsome son. a funny husband or wife, a caring friend… whatever it is for you.

Learn to appreciate what you have. With this appreciation comes the right mindset to run a successful business.


If you appreciate the little things that bring you joy, more people will want to work with you, buy from you and supply you. Life is too short. Appreciate what you have and make the most of your skills and talents.

Remember you are here for a short time, not a long time.

Make the most of what you have and do what you can to support your community, country and planet. After all, people will remember you for the person you were, not what you had.

Make a list of all the things you are grateful for and share it with your family and friends.

Till next time


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