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In business, when you’re starting out new, people don’t have a whole lot to go on when it comes to knowing exactly what it is you’re about. Sure, they can look at your website, read your description, and look at your posed product or service pictures, but it doesn’t always tell the real story. In 2015, people are savvy – they know when they’re being marketed to, and they can often see through very transparent manipulation of images, testimonials and so on. So, what do you have to cement yourself as a key player in the game of your industry? Your reputation.

How Do We Get A Name For Ourselves?

When you’re new and you haven’t had many customers, getting any kind of reputation – let alone a good one – can seem like a BIG challenge. However, if you work hard at it, it’s really not. Getting a fantastic reputation boils down to just one thing – getting customers to talk about you in a positive way. After all, word of mouth is super important when it comes to running a startup.

These days, of course, it’s no longer literally just the words that people say about you that will make all the difference.

  • It’s the tweets they send.
  • The Facebook reviews they write.
  • The blogs they post.
  • The TripAdvisor advice they upload.

The list goes on, and each is just as public as the first. Forget who can shout the loudest – whoever has the biggest audience, amount of followers, or determination can actually influence whether others make purchases from you.

How Do We Make Sure People Are Saying The Right Things?

So, how do you capitalise on this? How do you make sure that they’re going to write rave reviews, and say good things, rather than tarnishing things before you’ve begun? The answer is simple – with good customer service.

According to a research highlighted in this infographic from DMC, a ridiculously large majority of people (almost 80%!) will tell other people when they’ve had a negative customer service experience. Additionally, 41% of customers find it most frustrating when businesses don’t pay attention to them and their needs or concerns.

So, how do you combat all of this? Put it simply, you be the best. It doesn’t matter what you sell, or what you offer, if your customer service sucks, so does your business. Make sure that you’re putting the customer’s needs at the forefront of whatever it is you do, and that you’re really and truly listening. If something does go wrong, it can make or break you. It’s much more likely to go well for you if you handle it well, and with respect, efficiency and a genuinely caring attitude.

But How?

You won’t be able to offer up the level of service you desire unless you attempt to truly tap into your market. Why not attempt to get to know your customers by looking at data analysis, setting up surveys, and genuinely looking at feedback and using it constructively to improve? There’s no space for arrogance in business, and if you don’t admit that there’s room for changes, you’re going to be left behind.

The job of customer service extends far further these days – make one mistake and consumers move on. Customers have the scope to shop around these days, and anything less than perfect just won’t cut it.

Make sure you don’t let your startup get harmed just because of the careless attitude. Customer Service IS important.


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