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Are you too bored with the monotonous 9 to 5 job and want to get something better out of your life? You need a startup idea, my friend. And our startup ideas series is going to give you exactly that. Every day on this very blog, we’re going to discuss about a new startup idea. We will discuss what the idea is or the concept, what would be the requirements to get started, how much investment in terms of time and money you would require and what the scope of it is. After that, we will have a special feature section where we will have tips and links to useful resources that can help you get started in real.

Real Startup Ideas #1: Web designing firm

web designing firm- startup ideas

Web designing is the coolest thing over the internet. Of course, with the rise of content management systems like WordPress, people doubt the future of a web designing business but the truth is, a web designing firm is going to have a bright future because people always crave for customized websites and for that, they would definitely run to you, if you decide to take up this business.

What would be your task?

The main job a web designing firm does is to design websites. Can you look how startup champ looks? It is design. Do note that design and development are two different things. Most of the times, companies club this thing and so can you but that would be a later step in your business. In the beginning, your focus would only be on how the websites look, their design.

The job role would include taking up the requirements from the clients, using up your creativity and web designing skills along with appropriate web designing tools to get going.

What are the requirements for setting up a web designing firm?

Technical requirements

You would need a number of technical tools to get going for example web authoring tools and graphic design tools. If you’re acquainted with web designing, you would know what tools we’re talking about. What if you want to start this business and you have no idea about web designing. Well, we will suggest you to go over the internet and just figure what is done in the business. Rest hire other people to do the task for you.

how to build a web designing firm

Business Requirements

First thing you would need is to find some people who will do this task for you unless you’re gonna set the business as a self employed. We would recommend getting a time on board which would handle different things – graphics, overall design etc. You, as the owner, would be required to look into the business part.

Many small businesses fail within five years after their set up. In fact, the number is as high as 80%. What to do to make sure that yours doesn’t fail? Refine your business skills. Actual designing is only a smart part of the business. You would need to get clients on board, you would need to sell your product and take care of marketing and branding. Check out our resources which would help you to get started with marketing and branding. Remember that! Starting a business isn’t an easy task. You don’t just need the product. You need to learn things like advertising, marketing, selling, branding etc. Let us know if you need more help!

brand awareness

Legal Requirements

Find a local accounting firm that would help you to register your business, setup the legal contracts that you would sign with your clients to get paid and gather the tax information. Once you’re done with these aspects, you’re in business. Rock it!

Time to get established and scope of a web designing firm

The time that your business would take to get established varies but this is a business which can bring you quick return on investment. Say, you got a small project in beginning, you complete it and you get paid and this would continue and bring in money for you. The risk factor here is comparatively low. You would get clients, even if with low budgets. Once you serve some clients and have some testimonials, you can go catch the big sharks in the market. 😉

Scope… well this has been one of the most talked about and successful startup ideas since a decade. Only thing you need to care about is that your team includes creative workforce so that you can have an edge as compared to other businesses. If you’re creative enough, you will make more than enough.

startup idea

Tips for setting up a web designing firm

  1. Make sure you have adequate tools before you start out.
  2. Look on sites like freelancer, odesk, fiverr to find people looking for web designers and pitch to them.
  3. Focus on gathering good testimonials in the beginning.
  4. Go for small projects when you begin. They involve less risks and higher chances of success.
  5. Focus on good branding. Ensuring good customer experience is necessary.
  6. Make sure you have proper legal documents to avoid trouble.

Resources we recommend

How to build a web design business?




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