How to be more innovative?

Have you been wondering why you weren’t gifted with creativeness? Why aren’t you innovative enough to come up with a new business idea? Why can’t you just create something that has never been created before?

Whenever I visit a conference or meet-up of budding entrepreneurs, I get into a depression after listening to their new innovative ideas and how they are working on them day and night. First, I don’t get new ideas so often. Second, when I get them, I don’t work on them so confidently and efficiently. Is that happening with you as well? Are you looking for more innovate ideas? Do you want to be more innovative? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Give yourself some alone time: New ideas obviously come when you give yourself time to think. If you keep yourself engrossed in watching T.V. shows and YouTube videos, how would you get time to think? You must have some alone time with no one except you – no distractions. You would get amazed by the amount of ideas your brain would start coming up with. Try it!
  2. Blend with nature: I have been working as a freelance writer since quite a few years and writers block is something that hits to me almost every month. But due to the strict deadlines, I need to keep coming up with new ideas. How do I do that? Whenever I feel out of ideas, I take a long morning walk or just sit outside doing nothing. It works as magic trick to boost creativity.
  3. Look for problems: How do you think that the famous innovators got their ideas from? They noticed a problem and figured out a solution for it. Are you looking for problems? What kind of problems are you looking for? Don’t just look for problems related to your field of expertise. Just try to notice every problem you come across in your day-to-day life.
  4. Write Your Ideas: Once you notice those problems in step 3, you must start writing them down. Anywhere… on a piece of paper, on your to do lists, in your inbox and so on. The more you will write, the more ideas you will get. The more ideas you get, the more chances of you getting that million dollar idea.
  5. Experiment with what you’ve got: Sometimes you figure out the problem and even think of a solution that could have been your ‘innovative’ idea. But it just doesn’t work. Instead of quitting at your point, push yourself hard to make that work. No innovator got things working on his first try. Ask anyone! You must give yourself and your idea a second chance.
  6. Control your mind: When you feel something is impossible, it is always in your head. Nothing is impossible. You must control your mind and let yourself get rid of the negativity. If you fill yourself up with negative ideas, you are never going to get those innovative ideas.
  7. Look for rejection: This is most important. Every idea you put forward, make sure you have someone to play the Devil’s advocate. It will help you have a better view of your thinking and come up with better and workable ideas.

Innovativeness is nothing that is gifted by God. It comes when you make efforts. If you want to be more innovative, follow the above steps and start working… Clock is ticking. There are hundreds of people who might tap the same problem and come up with a solution. You need to do that first.


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