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What’s the first you would have to deal with after deciding to become a restaurateur? What fear makes people quit this dream even before trying? When you plan to get into this business, you are totally new. At that time, you are just not able to figure out what you would need to do as a restaurateur.

As soon as you begin, there are loads of tasks that beg for your attention and you feel too overwhelmed or let’s just say, stressed up. If only you had known what really you would need to do as a restaurateur, the things would have been a lot better. You would have prepared yourself well and handled everything in a perfect manner.

Well, looks like when you were thinking all that stuff, we were eavesdropping. But we have a solution. We are going to list the main and most important things you would need to do as a restaurateur. Read this and start working on your dream!

  1. Deal With Customers: This is the most difficult but most important thing you would need to do. You must have a knack of dealing with the customers. Every day you would meet the weirdest personalities ever born and you must know how to deal with them and how to make them happy. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance when it comes to restaurant business. So make sure you are ready to handle that part well.
  2. Develop Menus: Let’s come to the back end part. Not only would you need to decide the niche of your restaurant (look for the most popular restaurant concepts here) but also you would need to decide what are the items that you would include in the menu.
  3. Order Inventory and Supplies: Once you have developed a fixed menu, you would need to fill up the inventory with the essential material and make sure you have continuous supply of raw material whenever your restaurant is open.
  4. Manage Personnel: From chef to servers, you need to overlook all of them. Of course, you can hire a manager for that task but hiring a manager is itself a task that you would need to do.
  5. Marketing Campaigns: You would need to plan and implement various marketing campaigns. How do you think your customers are going to know about your place otherwise?
  6. Legal Issues: There are a lot of legal issues involved in setting up a restaurant. You would need a number of clearances and also you would need to follow a number of government regulations. They vary from region to region, country to country. So, start digging. Find out the legal requirements.
  7. Paperwork: A lot of paperwork is involved in running a business like this. Of course, in the beginning, you’re going to be the accountant. Make sure you practice your maths skills.
  8. Other administrative chores: There are many other chores like looking after the repair and maintenance of the place, parking etc that you would need to take care of along with the above mentioned.

So, we have listed what you would need to do as a restaurateur in the beginning. It is time to buckle and actually start working. Make sure to check out our next post in our Restaurateur series. This is going to be approximately 11 posts long series and would be extremely helpful for you if you want to open up a restaurant.


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