8 Things You Need to be a Successful Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is the new buzz word. It seems like everyone wants to get rid of those monotonous 9 to 5 jobs and be one’s own boss. While many of you would just dream about being an entrepreneur, there would be few who would actually work on it.

This post is for the latter ones. If you want to know the secret and most important steps to become a successful entrepreneur, read on!

  1. Love what you do: Let me share one fact seldom people believe. Majority of the people are quite happy with their monotonous job. They love it and that’s why they are doing it. Focus on the word ‘love’. You get successful only if you love what you do. Oh come on! Who wouldn’t want to be a billionaire or simply rich? True but if you want to taste the fruit of success, you need to forget this thought. Your story must begin and end with what you love. If you’re planning to work on your dream (something you want desperately), only then you can be successful at it.
  2. Be confident: “What if I failed? What if I lost all my money? People would laugh at my failure…” Forget all these things. How do you know that you would fail when you haven’t even tried it yet? Just give it a try. Give your best shot to it and it would definitely work. If it didn’t, it would teach you about ways that don’t work. Ultimately, you would be able to make it work. Just be confident about this.
  3. Be consistent: What do you think an athlete would accomplish who trains for one day in a week and rests for 5 days? Nothing. The same goes with an entrepreneur or a dreamer. You need to work on your goal/dream effortlessly. The only thing that should be on your mind 24 hours a day should be to make your idea work. Be consistent. Even a one day off isn’t allowed (unless you plan a day off in a serious responsible manner).
  4. Brand yourself: Why do you think Steve Jobs was the face of the company Apple Inc.? The computer was actually created by some other guy. But still, Apple worked because of this guy. He became the public figure because he knew how to brand himself. Steve Jobs was a brand in himself and that’s what you should be doing with yourself. Make yourself a brand, a person whom people can trust and with whom people would want to work with.
  5. Plan: A dream stays a dream until you convert it into a goal and work on it. And one most important thing in the picture is planning. You need to plan what you want to do. Beware! Don’t go overboard with planning. Not everything would be at right place in the beginning but the outline plan must be there. Rest of the things fall in place as you go on.
  6. Network: Not everyone is an outgoing social freak. Not all of us have good networks. I belong to a small city in India where I couldn’t find a single likeminded person. But that definitely pricked me to work harder and look for a quality network. Networking is considered really important for business and it is much more important for a budding entrepreneur.
  7. Make a team: Yes, I think I can handle this blog by myself. But the truth is I can’t. When you have to run a business, you cannot do everything by yourself. You need help. You need people to work with you. Broaden your network a little more and find some people to help you out in your work.
  8. Keep the right attitude: Let’s talk about the most important thing – your ATTITUDE. Your attitude is what matters the most. If you have a positive attitude towards your work, it is bound to lead you to success. If you have a positive attitude towards your colleagues, you are bound to be loved by them. Attitude is what would determine your success or failure. So, keep it right. Be confident and humble. Work hard. Be a successful entrepreneur.

Let me know what you think. Is there something that is still bothering you or keeping you away from realizing your goal. Comment over here and let Startup Champ help you through its network.

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