We all know how important social media is and how powerful it can be for bringing in potential leads or followers. There is a lot to gain here and this is why so many bloggers and webmasters try and use things like social media monitoring tools in an attempt to get the most out of these sites.
One of the most overlooked social media sites of all is Reddit. This is because most people don’t seem to understand how it works or what the Reddit community is all about. Utilizing Reddit the right way can help bring in some amazing results.

1. Subreddits

No matter how good your content is, if it is in the wrong subreddit, you will get absolutely no relevant audience. One of the worst mistakes that you can do is submit your post to no subreddit. Subreddits are groups that are created by other Reddit users. Each group has to do with some particular subject or category. Think of subreddits as niches and you will only get shares if you publish content in the niche that is most relevant to you. There will be many times when multiple subreddits will seem like they are a good fit for your content. Pick the best one by looking at the amount of subscribers in that particular subreddit and the relevance of the audience in that subreddit.

2. Reddit Ads

Reddit is very good at placing your ad in front of relevant audience. This is because Reddit is naturally divided into all these subreddits and you get your choose which ones to show your ads to. If you utilize this correctly and only show your ads to relevant groups you will get way more out of Reddit ads than you would out of any other social media site.

3. Learn the lingo

Take some time learning the Reddit lingo. More of Reddit will interact with your post if you use the lingo because it shows that you took the time to understand the community and that you are most likely not a spammer. As always, trust is everything. Here are a few Reddit sayings:
• TIL: Today I learned…
• DAE: Does anyone else…
• IAmA: I am a….
• AMA: Ask me anything.

4. Let the users work for you

Most of us who blog often run into the problem of running out of ideas to blog about. Since Reddit users are the way they are, Subreddits naturally only end up only showing content that is very interesting. If you ever hit a road block and run out of things to blog about, just check out the front pages of relevant subreddits and you immediately have great ideas to blog about.

5. Askreddit

Askreddit is a subreddit where you can generally ask questions and get answers from the general public of Reddit. This is a perfect focus group that not too many people know about. Use it. Test things out. Because it is completely unbiased, you can gain some seriously valuable insight.

6. Understand the users

Reddit users are a unique bunch. They are different from the kind of people that gather on StumbleUpon or on Facebook. They will tear you down and down vote you into nothingness if you try to spam them. However, Reddit users will help you out if you are genuine. The best responses generally come from sharing content that is courageous, funny or helpful. Be respectful of them and if you have something good to share, share it and the results will pleasantly surprise you.

7. Karma

Karma is a unique rating that Reddit uses to measure how much you contribute to the Reddit community. Though this doesn’t affect you directly in any way. Your karma is easily visible to other Redditers and having a lot of it shows others you are trustable. The higher your karma, the more you will get from each of your posts. Karma = influence.


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