find your first clients 6 ways to select the best employees

What’s the first thing start-ups look for? What would you want first if you’re a startup? Find your first clients. Right? But how to get that done considering the lack of funds and resources? How to find the clients that would be interested in buying your products? Look no further! This post going to tell you everything you need to know to find your first clients.

  1. Look for the people you already know: Family and friends should always be your first clients. Do you know the self-help guru Robin Sharma? How did he start selling his books? Who were his first customers? His parents, then family and then friends. His first conference consisted of only his family members. Of course, according to what he says, no one else showed up. But he did manage to find customers. Right? Go on, pitch your product to your family members and friends.
  2. Go for online advertising: while offline advertising would be too costly for a startup with limited resources, online advertising is cheap and effective. Facebook ads, google ads, twitter ads – they all work for most of your buyers would hang out there. But make sure you do good research on where your target audience hangs out. The post I did last time – latest online trends and tips for ecommerce businesses can help you start off with collecting such information. Check it out!online marketing
  3. Try crowdfunding: Crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter aren’t there only for the purpose of raising money for your startup. They also provide you opportunities to get exposure. There have been many instances when people managed to sell products due to the awareness they gained through a Kickstarter campaign. Try it! It is a cool way to find your first clients.
  4. Update your social media circles: Get social. Create your personal brand and never hesitate to promote your product within your social media circles. Have you ever seen your friends never like to talk about their business on their Facebook profile or twitter timeline? Well, they’re doing themselves a great loss and you certainly don’t have to be like them. Be wise. Use your social media circles to grow your business and find your first or new clients. social media for your business
  5. Contact the people you’ve already worked with: Maybe your startup isn’t related to the work you did in the past but there is a great possibility that your work contacts can find interest in your new product or have some contacts that can help you. Give it a try! Not everyone would come forward to help but you will be surprised by how many people are actually keen to help.
  6. Get personal: When you’re starting out, the biggest advantage you can have over other brands is this. Big brands don’t have time to interact with their customers that much and make them feel special but you can. Consider this as an opportunity to kick off those big brands and steal their customers. Humans love it when they’re treated in a special way. Exploit that.
  7. Give consultations for free: I recently came across an article talking about some unconventional but awesome ways to market your business and it talked about how some small businesses were growing because of this strategy where they offer free services for a particular day or occasion so as to get more exposure. This works in a great manner. See if your startup allows you to do that.

The secret is out. You have my tips to find your first clients. Now, I want you to stop reading and start working because you know what! What you do matters more than what you know. Good luck!


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