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Of all the online social networking tools available these days, Twitter is one of the most unique and versatile. Underneath the simplicity of Twitter’s interface and main functions lies a rich and complex structure adequate for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals to explore and therefore SEO tips for twitter are seldom talked of.

Twitter may not have as many users as Facebook, but the level of engagement and activity within the short messaging social network is nothing short of amazing.

The main underlying aspect of Twitter is that it adequately represents the real-time paradigm shift of the Internet. Twitter can seamlessly integrate on web browsers, smartphone apps, e-mail, and even text messages. Twitter users enjoy the simplicity and power of the network, and they tend to be some of the most engaging online users that SEO professionals can reach. Here are the top seven SEO tips for twitter that specialists recommend when it comes to using Twitter to maximum advantage:

1 – Adequate Selection of Twitter Account Name and Handle

Online properties these days must be created and developed with branding in mind. This is something that Google has been mentioning for some time with regard to their search results algorithm; trusted brands are supposed to get preference in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). To this end, it is important to choose Twitter account names and handles with branding in mind. For example, for a small business that has already secured a domain name and URL that matches its name, the natural step would be to choose the same name on Twitter. In the case that the account name or handle has already been taken, the next step would be to choose the name of a product or service offered.

2 – Make Each Character Count

Twitter makes it easy to share and broadcast content to a wide audience, but most users limit themselves to sending out Tweets that point to a web page. Twitter’s short 140-character count presents some limitations to those who are not accustomed to it, but learning to deliver an effective Twitter message is part of most essential SEO tips for twitter. A good place to start is the biographical line that Twitter offers; this is where users can shine by providing a meaningful description in just 160 characters. write a business plan for opening a restaurant

3 – Integration With Other Online Properties

Once a Twitter presence has been established with the intent of future branding and SEO, it is crucial to let people know it is out there. Choosing attractive Twitter buttons to embed in a website is a good idea, but a more direct way to accomplish this is by means of a call to action. Let others know that the brand can now be found on Twitter and make a frank invitation for others to become followers.

4 – Integration With Other Social Media Outlets

Some webmasters stick to Twitter as their only social network of choice, but not everyone will share in this sentiment. A Facebook Timeline can be created with the purpose of driving users to follow on Twitter, and a similar strategy can be used with LinkedIn. The goal is to use other social networks to convince users that following the brand on Twitter will be a positive experience. social media

5 – Choose Tweet Content Carefully

When crafting status updates or Tweeting items to be shared with followers, it is important to remember that Google is listening. Twitter posts have not title, so it is important for SEO professionals to remember that the first few characters and words of each Tweet begin to effectively convey the message. The first 40 characters are crucial; for example, a pizza shop in Miami may want to Tweet a new promotion with the words “Free Pizza in Miami” for Google’s crawler to index the Tweet accordingly.

6 – Don’t Forget Keywords

Despite the recent search engine algorithm changes rolled out by Google, SEO is still a game of keywords, and they should be included -but not abused- in outgoing Tweets.

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7 – Keep Followers Engaged

Getting to know the interests and activity of Twitter followers is essential when it comes to developing a content strategy. This is something that is more oriented towards marketing and customer service, but it can prove to be even more effective than SEO. Twitter denizens love to be engaged, they enjoy meaningful content that is served in real-time and easily consumed, and they like to see new Tweets dancing across their feed.

In the end, using Twitter for SEO purposes is more about driving quality traffic to a site than just casual traffic from Google that is likely to yield a high bounce rate. Building a good rapport with Twitter followers will often result in greater interaction when they visit a site, meaning that they will be more likely to explore the site and look for interesting content rather than returning to their Twitter feed. So, this is the end of my SEO tips for twitter for this post.  Hope you find them useful.


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