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Are you getting thousands of visitors each day? Looks like those catchy headlines and heavy promotions are working very well. But what’s the bounce rate of your site? Do they really stay on your site for something more than just a couple of seconds?

Internet audience is tougher to please than you think. While many sites easily get tons of traffic each day, only few of them can actually retain the traffic for even a minute. And how those ‘few’ are doing that? While this is definitely not a hot “secret sharing” post, this post definitely contains practical tips to keep visitors on your site for longer based on research and my personal experience.

1. Increase page load speed

Our whole discussion should begin from the moment a person clicks on the catchy headline you posted on Facebook or clicks that informative article through google search or just types in your website’s url in address bar of the browser.

The first and foremost thing that matters is how much time it takes for your website to load completely on the user’s end. The faster your website, the better chances of keeping those impatient visitors for long.

Also, a website’s page load speed is one of the major factors in SEO and a good page load speed can also lead to surge in overall traffic to your site. But how to achieve that awesome page load speed? Use google PageSpeed Insights and try to reach a better score every month.  Reducing the number of plugins and optimizing the images on your site can make a huge difference.

2. Put visual breaks in the content

Last time the Startup Champ team had a meeting, it ended with “It is so confusing. Google wants text and audience wants images”. And that’s the reality. Though the text is of primary importance for a website, images are what would help you to keep visitors on your site for longer time.

Now this is where I should put all the research results that are available on internet in excess but I won’t do that; because I want you to understand some basic facts. Human eye and brain has a limited capacity to focus on something. Try reading this post in one go, without break! Either you would understand nothing in this post or you would just get bored midway and hop on to some other site.

That’s why it is necessary to put visual breaks in the content. Use images, infographics, videos, gifs… be as creative as you can be and provide your readers with something more than text. lots of images

3. Use internal links in the content

When you have a person on your site, there are high chances that he would be interested in reading more from your side. Using links within your posts can help you get extra pageviews for your site and also help you to keep visitors on your site for longer.

This is also a good practice from SEO perspective. A website that has more internal links (carefully placed) has chances to rank higher in search engine results than the one that doesn’t.

4. Use high quality and interesting images (no stock photography)

It took me ages to learn the importance of this. Even now, some people need to be taught the importance of using images in the post. But I think you and me should rise above that “beginner” level and stay in the present.

Stock photography is boring. Having stock photography or having no images at all is almost alike.  On Startup Champ, we’re using stock photography but that’s serving the role #2 for out site. Had we used original high quality images, we can bet our traffic would triple. And I say this because I have tried this thing on FinixPost and have also analyzed the difference it made to m site’s bounce rate and traffic.

A camera is a must-have accessory for a blogger and you must know how to use it. For website owners, invest in getting a professional photographer on your team. It will pay off very well. computer with camera

5. Put related links at the end of the post

It is true that people learn by doing mistakes. I was reworking on the design of my blog FinixPost and while doing that I totally forgot to include related content plugin in it. I didn’t realize it was missing until I finally sat down to figure out why my website’s pageviews and rankings are decreasing continuously even when I am having more new visitors and awesome content.

That was when I realized that I was missing this very important step that could have doubled the pageviews I was getting on my blog. Links to related content is a must at the bottom of your blog post. Even on websites, use pop ups to show your users some new content.

6. Personalize your website

People don’t like to connect with things. People connect with people and that’s where your role comes. It is better to have a face for your company. It is better to personalize your blog posts. Personalization would help you make your visitors build a connection with your brand and that would automatically increase their interest and decrease the bounce rate of your site. shadows7. Make your content interesting (tell a story)

Though this is the most important hack for to keep visitors on your site for longer but I kept it at the end because I want you to carefully read this point. Is your content interesting? Can you read your articles again and again without getting bored? Can you spend hours on your own website acting as a visitor?

No matter what you do to bring traffic, no matter what kind of headlines you use, no matter what kind of magical trick you have, it isn’t going to work if your content isn’t interesting. A good content writer is really important for the success of your website/blog. Hire one or learn to be one.

These are the 7 hacks that can help you keep visitors on your site for longer. These would definitely help and work if you implement them. So, I won’t ask you to read more articles over here because you need to do a lot of work. Go and use the hacks!


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