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Are you looking for cool home based business ideas? Home based business can help you earn extra money while you have the liberty to either take it full time or make it a side business. But to make it in the business world, you definitely require some out of the box, unusual and cool ideas.

Here I am going to list 7 cool home based business ideas. They’re not that common except in big American cities. They have a huge potential and easy to set up. And last but not the least, they seem to be very cool ideas to me. I hope these help.

  1. Convert the spare room into a p.g. accommodation or for home stay: The Pros & Cons of Running a Franchised Hotel

Home stays are one of the most income generating ideas especially if you live in a tourist destination. Do you have a spare room in your house that no one uses? Put some good furniture in and start earning money by allowing paying guests in the house.

The idea requires minimum investment for all you need to do is contact a property dealer and tell him that your house is available for P.G. accommodation or home stay service. Make sure you acquire required license for the same. Even in India, it has become mandatory to get a rent agreement before letting any stranger in your house.

  1. Cake making or cooking 

    cooking business
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Personalized cake making has a huge business market. Now, people don’t like going to the baker’s shop and pick up whatever cake is available there. They like customized cakes that would fit their choice and occasion.

Cooking business is also a very awesome business idea with a number of choices. You can either start home based cooking classes, or start a tiffin service, or start a chocolate making or likewise business. All you need is some culinary skills. If cooking has been your hobby, this business is perfect for you.

  1. Cosmetic sales  cosmetic sales business

Cosmetics are one of the most dearly materialistic things to women. No woman can resist buying more and more makeup and skin care products. While they’re bound to buy more, you can easily take advantage of this and make the products available for them.

This business idea is becoming more popular because of the companies like Avon, Oriflame which have very good products but they don’t sell through usual distributors. That means they’re not available in major drugstores and can only be bought from individual distributors.

You can start by selling these products and then add more companies to your cosmetic sales business.

  1. Garage sales the benefits of it asset management

Garage sales are very popular in America but not in other parts of the world. The concept of garage sales works like this – you put up a sale in some area of your house and let the people know what items are available on discounted price. The visitors of this sale then go on and sell these items to various households. These visitors get commission on each sale they make from your side. And what do you do? Just get the supplies and put up a sale every weekend. That’s it.

  1. Gardening Services 7 cool Home based business ideas || startupchamp.com

People are going crazy for eating organic products. Home grown fruits and vegetables are being preferred instead of supermarket stuff. This has given rise to two kinds of business opportunities:

One is you can setup a gardening services business where you go to people’s home and take care of the gardening needs of the house. This doesn’t exactly fit the cool home based business ideas title but the second one does.

The second kind of business opportunity you have is to set up an organic garden in your house and just let the people of your locality know that you’re selling organic food. You would have plenty of customers and all you would need to do is gardening. Awesome for someone who loves to stay around plants. Also, you can do flower arrangements, flower decorations etc to channel in more money.

  1. Sewing or knitting services knitting yarn

Gone is the time when mom knew how to fix that torn blouse or loose sweater. These crafty things are seldom pursued these days. And that’s a business opportunity for you.

If you know how to sew or knit, use your skill to make money. There is a huge potential for services like custom curtain making, hand sewing, doll dress designing, custom bridal veils etc. Tap whatever suits your local market the best.

  1. Candle making/soap makingcandle making business

People are considering green products like never before. Soaps bought from big brands contain lot of chemicals which women try to avoid. Consider making organic soaps at home and sell them to your locality. You can also take your business online and sell to people all around the globe.

Same is with candle making. Both are in huge demand and work well even in local markets and global markets. Give them a thought.

These are the 7 cool home based business ideas. Let me know if you like anyone of these and would want to consider pursuing any of these cool home based business ideas. I do know a few basics for all these businesses and would definitely love to help.


  1. cosmetics sale is a new idea and this industry has good margins as well. a home based trial of cosmetics to the customer can do wonders for the business as most of the customers don’t want to take trail in front of many people


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