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Blogging is business now. There are plenty of bloggers out there who are into full time blogging and making quite a lot of money out of it. How do they do that? They monetize your blog. And you know what! If you’re into blogging, you would probably be looking for how to monetize your blog even if you’re doing it just as a hobby.

Here are 6 ways I use to monetize my own blogs and you can use them too.

  1. Google Adsense: Google Adsense is one of the most popular and oldest methods to monetize your blog. You just apply for the program, get approved and put an ad code on your site and you make money each time a person clicks on the ad. Now, there are many more networks like Google Adsense out there like Chitika, Infolinks etc. Try each one of them and see which one works for you. Make sure you have good traffic before you start experimenting. Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm
  2. Izea, BlogHer and likewise: there are many networks that are ready to pay bloggers for doing several tasks for various brands. For example, if you use izea, you can make money by tweeting, sharing on facebook, instagram, pinterest etc. You can also write blog posts and get paid by the brands.
  3. Sponsored Posts: Brands are always looking for creating brand awareness and bloggers are the best way to do that. Why? Because bloggers like you and me have connections with the real people. We have a following which trusts us and which would listen to what we say. This paves way for doing sponsored posts on your blog. People pay you money to write about a topic. Be careful while doing these. You don’t want your readers to lose trust in you. Put a disclaimer below each post. Startup Business Online
  4. Sponsored Reviews: Brands pay you to do reviews or they can send you a product which you can review. Both ways you earn profit. Either you get money or you get the product to use. But make sure you’re truthful in your reviews. It won’t take much time for your readers to figure out if you’re lying and that would be the end of your career. Don’t do that.
  5. Sell products online: You can either use affiliate networks to sell products. For example, on Startup Champ, whenever we have to recommend a book to you guys, we use our amazon affiliate links. If you buy the product, we get paid. You can do the same. You can also try creating your own product and sell it. The latter is more profitable. small business ideas: setup an online store
  6. Online Services: consultancy services, blog set up services, social media marketing services etc all these help you make extra money while you blog. You would first require creating an authority in your field which you would obviously be doing through your blog and then you can offer paid services. That is something really profitable.

These were the 6 ways which I and most of the full time bloggers use to earn money through their blog. Go on! monetize your blog even if you’re not thinking of taking up blogging full time. Making a few extra pennies doesn’t hurt. You are putting a lot of hard work in your blog and you deserve that. Just don’t get carried away with the money making feature. Be true to the passion you’re working on.


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