As people often say, the beginning is half the battle. The same is true in startup businesses. The start is considered one of the most vital phases in creating a business. It can be one that makes or breaks your business. Not only because of its low costs (or no cost at all) but because of its proven effectiveness, social media is being used by many startup companies as their advertising solution.

In this article, we will discuss on how you can use social media to empower your startup.

1. Social Media Marketing Campaign

With the powerful method of regular viral marketing, your site traffic numbers can increase far beyond your imagination. Best effective strategies are to participate and become a viral topic in forums, post article and/or videos which have way interesting content-wise, scandalous (in a good way), and which send a message that would really strike to the hearts of viewers so much that they’d share it and thus marketing your campaign forth.

To take further example, in marketing through circulating topics in forum conversations, you should hang over to more and more related threads. By doing so, you’re not only building connection with others, but you’re as well making traffic to your sites through links in your message and from search engines.

One example of a viral video would be the centennial anniversary of Coke, wherein the video had featured Filipino overseas workers’ visitation to their home country. Casts were real people (and not celebrities) who took time and a long travel to enjoy meals with their families with Coke in the holiday season. This technique caught the attention of many other people who have families, relatives and friends abroad and feel the same longing to be with them. Many liked it in YouTube and shared the same video to thousands of people thus gaining over maximum exposure in the social web.

2. Facebook Fan Page Contest Campaign

Now that we’re in the age of high-speed broadband Internet and fiber optic connections, TV ads becomes less seen as we’re geared towards checking our Facebook timelines and feeds instead. When you have a business page or fan page for your startup company, take the first initiative to invite as many people as you can and then use a contest campaign for more to like you page. It is through liking a page that their subscription to your feeds is activated. Hence investing in this kind of campaign (and with a good prize at that) will bring merits to your updates later on. Otherwise, with less people you got hooked, your succeeding posts will not reach your target number of audiences. Create contests for Facebook members to win a prize when they like your page and you’ll see the number of your subscribers soar.

3. Twitter Retweets

In the world of micro-blogging, Twitter reigns. Create catchy slogans and tweets and join in the Twitter revolution. Connect to users by following them, following your followers, mentioning them and sending a message to them personally and directly. When you have this connection with them, they will be more likely to re-tweet your tweets, then your brand will be read by more and more in the Twitter stream by an expanded network. This goes into a larger snowball when more users follow you. Having more followers in your profile somehow will mean that you’re someone worthy of being followed. Use this to boost your prominence on other social arenas as well and have more traffic to your company website/blog.

4. Google Plus

As Google positions itself as the number-one search engine in the world, Google+ personal and business pages should also reflect the same ranking. When you have a well-designed Google plus page and incorporate it with your brand, you allow Google Plus subscribers to share your brand or company website on their profile page. What’s more, Google has Google search+ which is another way where you can connect with clients and prospective clients on social media.

5. Pinterest

If you have startup business featuring products related to cross-stitching, food recipes, homemaking, arts, crafts and the like, then you can very well leverage Pinterest. In Pinterest, pinned posts are being re-pinned and these pins all form a large digital scrapbook of the social media era. It’s fun, easy and quite visual, especially for females. Photos, texts and videos are pinned to virtual corkboards curated within Pinterest. Popular categories are Food & Drink, Fashion, Photography, Interior Design, Art and Humor. If you have a Pinterest account, you’re adding visibilities and searches of your products with staggering viral implications.

6. Foursquare

When you have a physical business location, then registering your establishment in Foursquare can really help your startup. Foursquare is a social, location-based service that people use on their smartphones to “Check-In” to various locations. What’s worth to note here is that not all your competitors might have done this strategy yet, so be ahead of the game and claim your business venue with Foursquare now. Your potential customers might just find you through the application and check in soon. When people check in to your place, others would become intrigued in the statistics as well and this multiplies the number of your market. You can also create specials (e.g. discount coupons) in Foursquare to generate buzz so when customers are near your vicinity, they will become more encouraged and attracted to visit your business.

Social media is a marketing buzzword nowadays and your startup company can utilize this tool to gain advantages. With social media marketing, it’s possible to reach out to your target audience in an innovative and original way. Now that you have familiarized yourself with the overview on how to harness different social media as pep for your business, work on one to two sites now!


  1. working on the retweets and been doing foursquare… I am wondering though I love to write I just want to write and share my love of writing with others how can I do this? I would love to write everyday. I do write everyday, but write everyday and have a impact in some way. I know I can I have impacted many in my life and for the better I want to continue to help people.


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