Everything is better when things go smoothly. Whether it is a stress free journey or an important event that goes according to plan, we all prefer a life without problems or complications.

More often than not it just comes down to that old adage “proper planning prevents poor performance” and when it comes to having a hassle-free day at work, it all starts with putting some time aside each day to organise your desk. A clear desk equals a clear mind.

Below is a list of our 5 top tips for keeping your desk, and therefore your mind organised throughout the day.

1. “Take 5” In The Morning

Build 5 minutes into your morning routine to tidy up your desk and ensure it is clear of distractions. Ensure you have easy access to those things that you are likely to need during the day and sweep all the rest to one side.

Out of sight is out of mind and although you may want to read the latest version of your favourite magazine with your mid-morning coffee, it will feel far better reading it after you have had a day of being far more proactive at work, where you have smashed through your jobs list.

2. Keep A Bin Nearby

It may seem obvious but if you do not have a bin in close proximity, you are far more likely to let rubbish pile up on your desk. The consequences of this may seem insignificant, but with rubbish piling up around your desk, you will quickly start to feel like you are not in control and small setbacks during your working day will take a far greater toll on your mental energy and positivity.

By all means put the bin just far enough away, so that you have to send your rubbish flying towards the bin, as part of a well honed basketball technique. No one said being tidy couldn’t be fun.

3. Have An In Tray On Your Desk

Whilst tip number 4, is going to give you a great technique for keeping your in tray clear, we understand that you can’t always deal with paperwork the second it lands on your desk. For this reason, having an in tray on your desk, will mean that important papers are neatly stacked away, rather than being randomly scattered around.

4. Do It, Ditch It Or Delegate It

This is a very famous approach to being more productive at work and there is a reason why. It works! No one likes the feeling of things piling up and starting to overwhelm us. In a strange way, jobs and clutter are one and the same. You need to get on top of jobs before they get on top of you. By keeping your desk free of clutter, you will be able to do things without interruption, you will be able to ditch things by lining up a great shot at your strategically positioned bin and you can delegate things by adding an out tray to your desk, so papers can be easily distributed to your co-workers.

5. “Take 5” In The Afternoon

Leave your desk, as you wish to find it in the morning. This is the icing on the cake at the end of the day and means your desk will welcome you with open arms, when you arrive the following morning. You may have an office cleaning company to tidy your offices but it is still a good idea to invest 5 minutes each night when you leave the office to ensure things are in good order.


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