Toronto emerging tech cities around the world

Places like Silicon Valley, London’s Silicon Roundabout, and New York have established their reign over the start-up scene, but they are having to make room for up-and-coming tech cities. Many businesses are turned off by the fierce competition, lack of opportunities and the steadily rising cost of living, and have been setting up shop elsewhere. Cities you wouldn’t expect, all over the world, are becoming our new go-to places to find the hottest start-up talent.

Here is our list of 5 up and coming tech cities around the world:

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv emerging tech cities around the world

Tel Aviv city centre – ‘Kikar hamedina’ (image courtesy ronsho via Flickr)

I bet you weren’t expecting a small city like Tel Aviv to have a booming start-up scene, were you? In fact, it is home to more than 650 start-ups (companies like web development platform Wix and social fashion hub WiShi), it boasts the most engineers per capita, and it has been dubbed ‘the start-up nation’. It is well on its way to becoming a serious Silicon Valley competitor and other areas like Dublin are starting to model their own start-up ecosystem off Tel Aviv’s.

Bangalore, India

Bangalore emerging tech cities around the world

KR Market in Bangalore (image courtesy of Parshotam Lal Tandon via Flickr)

Bangalore has earned the reputation of being ‘the Silicon Valley of India’, as it is the largest IT hub in the country. Chock-full of tech start-ups – it’s estimated that every month about 10 new start-ups are set up – Bangalore could soon become the number one global destination for new businesses. There’s a true spirit of invention and innovation here – Startup Weekend is designed to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into a reality over one weekend.

Toronto, Canada

Toronto emerging tech cities around the world

Toronto’s new and Old City Hall (image courtesy of The City of Toronto via Flickr)

A thriving area for mobile app companies, Toronto is one city to keep your eye on. It is quickly becoming the centre for tech and wearable tech companies: Toronto Census Metropolitan area serves at least 40% of tech business to the rest of the country. Companies like Interaxon – wearable tech company focusing on brain-controlled interface technology – and Bionym – another wearable company – have their roots in Toronto.

Brno, Czech Republic

Brno emerging tech cities around the world

Freedom Square in Brno (image courtesy of Miroslav Petrasko via Flickr)

Despite Brno’s size – it only has about 400,000 residents – it is quickly becoming one of central Europe’s secret tech hubs. With major technical universities like the Central European Institute of Technology and Brno University of Technology, the city is developing a reputation for innovations in software and engineering. Brno is also home to the Czech Technology Park, a development that provides office space for new businesses.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne emerging tech cities around the world

Melbourne at night (image courtesy of mariusz kluzniak via Flickr)

Another city with a burgeoning start-up scene is the capital and largest city in the state of Victoria – Melbourne. There is a strong sense of entrepreneurial community, exemplified by ‘Silicon Beach’ that happens not only in Melbourne, but all over Australia: an informal group that meets each month for anyone interested in founding or working in start-ups. Melbourne start-ups are 42% more data-driven than Silicon Valley, which contributes to a thriving business environment.

So, in case you’re looking for emerging tech cities, we hope you found this helpful. Do share it if you do!


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