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Are you always running out of time while working? In the morning, you plan to win over the entire situation of your life but as soon as you step into your office building, you start looking for tips to manage your time at office. Don’t be embarrassed. That happens even with the topmost professionals of the time.

When it comes to running a business, there are too many things involves. From business meetings to maintaining a sound client relationship, from leading your team to listening their woes, from answering the boring e-mails to planning the next killer move for your business – you need to do it all. And it is always better if you do it all while you’re in office. Once you start bringing office work to home, you put your family life at a great risk.

I think last line gave you good enough reason to be able to manage your time at office. Your office should never take a toll on your health or on your personal relationships. This requires careful management. To be price, this requires time management. And that’s why today I am going to enlist some important tips to manage your time at office.


  1. Schedule properly: It took me quite a lot of time to understand and implement this in my life. Scheduling your tasks of the day lets you get free of the burden of trying to remember everything. Take a piece of paper in the morning and pen down everything you need or want to do in the day – every single thing. Then separate the tasks that are related to your work and put them on another piece of paper. This paper should stay with you all through the day. Instead of burdening your brain with the tasks you need to do, you would now be able to focus on the task you’re actually doing. Once you do one task, take up another one and repeat. This not only helps you plan your day better but also helps you to get rid of excess stress.

    5 Tips To Manage Your Time At Office
  2. Be flexible: Many people who plan their days treat themselves very toughly. They force themselves to finish up the work just in right time. But that isn’t always possible. Instead of getting depressed or feeling bad for not being able to follow your schedule, you must try to be flexible with your schedule. Maybe task no. 8 couldn’t be done today but as you need to submit it after 5 days, you can put it off till tomorrow. Of course, if you’re doing this just to procrastinate, it is bad. But if you have genuine reasons, you can easily let yourself go guilt free.
  3. Prioritize your tasks: Having read the second point, you would have yourself realized the importance of prioritization. A task that is listed at last on your list might be urgent. That must get your first attention when you start working. Prioritization must be an important step in your planning work. That would really help you to manage your time at office. You would never run late for submitting some work for you would have already done the important tasks first.
  4. Take small breaks: the busiest people often forget this important time management principle. Running late doesn’t give you a reason to over burden your brain. It needs rest. If it doesn’t get it, it would affect your productivity. You would get late in both the ways. So, instead of over burdening your brain and degrading the quality of your work, you must stay calm and take small breaks at appropriate times so that your body can rejuvenate and you can deliver better productivity at work.

    5 Tips To Manage Your Time At Office
  5. Check emails only twice: Believe it or not, checking emails waste a lot of your time. This time could have been used to wrap up that pending project which your manager is asking you to submit or call that client to check the progress on an important business deal. But e-mails are important. Aren’t they? Yes but people also understand that you have plenty of other things to do and you might take some time to reply to an email.  Moreover, you would do that within 24 hours which is quite acceptable. So, make sure you check your e-mails not more than twice a day.

 Whenever I finish writing such posts or giving such lessons to my fellows who count on me for advice on issues like these, I always point out how simple things can affect us greatly. Read the points mentioned in this post once again. Aren’t they too simple? Yes, and that’s why they are effective. They work because they are simple to implement.

Don’t mistake these points to be of low value. They can create a great positive stir in your life. Let that happen.


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