be a good restaurateur

Being a good restaurateur isn’t an easy task. You need to be a multi talented genius to make a name in this business. And guess what, we can help. But make sure you read this before you actually start with your restaurant business.

In this post we have listed 5 things that you must do to become a good restaurateur and don’t forget to check out our previous posts in the Restaurateur series because they’re going to help you build your dream of having an awesome restaurant that is flooded by happy customers 24 hours a day.

  1. Look for What Roles you Would Need To Play: When you begin your restaurant business, you need to play multiple roles at one time. This seems easier than it actually is. How can you play multiple roles efficiently if you don’t even know what those roles are? Make sure you do some serious digging and find out what tasks you would need to take care of to set up your own restaurant business. Our post on Things you need To do As A Restaurateur would help!
  2. Get some experience of working in a restaurant: The business that you’re trying to get into demands experience. There are some things which books can never teach you for example, handling customers. Every customer is different, every situation is different and you can learn to handle those situations only if you have worked on customer handling in real time. Similarly, there are many other aspects related to restaurant business that require experience. Such an experience can easily be acquired by working in a restaurant as an employee.
  3. Take Courses: Having said the above point, we must clarify that various courses targeted at running a restaurant business do help. At least, they give you the entire theoretical knowledge. Some courses even help you with gaining practical experience. So, if you enrol yourself into a relevant course, you can definitely become a good restaurateur.
  4. Read Books: Do we even need to emphasize on this point? It is so obvious. How do you think you would get knowledge about how things work? Different stories of different people help you gain an experience that you can never gain while working by yourself. Our life is too short to do that. That’s why we have books which can teach us which has already been discovered by humans. So, that we spend our time finding the undiscoverable things.
  5. Business Plan: If you’re planning to just rent a space and start your restaurant, you are going to fail miserably. That’s not even a plan. That’s an idea. You need a plan. You must decide everything in detail – niche, target customers, menu, branding, marketing, legal issues, rent, inventory, employees, profit and so on. Every aspect of your business must be written down somewhere before you actually start working on it. A good business plan is the most important pillar for the success of a business. Make sure you never forget that.

5 things; just five things. They aren’t so tough to implement. They are simple ideas which can either make or mar your future as a restaurateur. Choice is yours. Either implement these ideas and be a successful and a good restaurateur or just fail.


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