5 things You Must Do As a Freelancer
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Working for you own self is better than never before. Freelancers have now entered the circle of coolest professionals around the world. They work according to their own time, choose their clients by themselves and above all, they themselves decide how much they want to earn. There are no limits to earning money when it comes to become a freelancer. But there are some things you must do as a freelancer if you want to achieve success.

With sites like Odesk, Elance, Freelancer and Fiverr, freelancing has become even better. You can just sit in front of your laptop screen and find clients from around the globe. You get paid really good without shedding extra efforts on setting up a brick and mortar business. The input in form of money is minimum while your profits are maximum. Sounds cool?

But there are a few things that you must do as a freelancer to get yourself in the top earning heroes of the freelancing industry. How would you do that? The key is to follow some important principles while you work as a freelancer. In fact, these principles would help you the most if you’re a beginner in the freelancing business. They can prevent you from making blunders and losing money instead of making it.

Here are 5 Things you must do as a freelancer… pay special attention to it if you’re a beginner.

  1. Go for advance: Most of the freelance business is online. You meet your clients virtually, negotiate and work for them. But one thing often beginners in freelancing forget is to ask for advance payments. Be shameless when it comes for asking money for your work. Many a time new people fall prey to fake clients who get the work done but never appear online when the time for payment comes. To avoid such things, you must ask for advance payment. At least, 50% payment should be advance. If it isn’t, it is better that you say ‘No’ to the project. Your time is precious. Don’t waste it on a client who is never going to pay.
  2. Do background check of the employer: When people begin this kind of task, they treat the employers like gods. They never bother to check what kind of employer is hiring them. In fact, they feel overwhelmed to get awarded a project. Are you like that? This can get into serious trouble. Some employers have a background of running away with final products and never paying the freelancers. New employers should not be trusted, not for big projects.
  3. Ask for what you deserve: There are two types of people who definitely fail as a freelancer. One are those who ask for too much of money. You must know that you should ask for what you really discover. When you begin, keep your demands really low because you don’t have much experience to prove your credibility. When you gain enough experience, increase the prices. The second kind of people who fail as freelancers are those who keep working for low payouts. Of course, you can work a lot on that but soon it would make you wear out. You wouldn’t want to work anymore. That would be because of too much work and too less reward. Make sure you make a good balance when it comes for asking money for your work.
  4. Be on time: A good freelancer is a one who is always on time. That gives a great boost to your online reputation. Employers love people who work on time and are available for re-work quickly. This relieves them of lot of pressure and work that would require you to keep a check on your progress and they will really favour you for that.
  5. Be respectful: Business works on trust and respect. Make sure you treat your employer well. No rude attitude. No foul language. He is paying you for good work and that’s exactly what you must deliver. If something goes wrong, be ready to offer assistance to fix the issue. Make sure you satisfy your client’s need properly.

Beginning as a freelancer is the most difficult part of freelancing business. Because in beginning, you don’t have experience and people would find it difficult to even trust you. But if you follow the above mentioned points you would get both experience and trust in really less time. All you need to do is to put in hard work and carefully examine things You Must Do As a Freelancer.

Are you ready for that? Are you ready to be a solopreneur?


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